Tuesday, January 03, 2012


It is almost the end of the 3rd day in 2012. I planned to update a post on the 1st day of the year, but based on my track record of posting 2 entries last year.. jangan harap la kan.

I can't use the excuse that nothing much happened in 2011 that I didn't update this blog properly. For instance if I scroll 3 posts below, there's an entry about Ayers Rock Bukit Jelutong and there's a picture of our ex-maid. Just FYI... we had two more maids after that and both of them are not with us anymore. Apparently our expectations are too high and none can meet them that Acik Anah's replacements decided to leave without proper goodbyes.

Vacations are something lacking last year. Among the trips that I can remember were Cameron Highlands with my in laws, Melaka for Wifey's birthday, day trip to Singapore without the kids... that's it? This is something that we have to work on this year...

Work? Same shit... different year.

Kids... Arianna went to kindergarten last year at Genius Aulad Kelana Jaya. This year she is going to Smart Reader Kelana Jaya. We are trying to get her to try and attend the morning session. This is going to be a life changing process not only to Arianna... but also to her parents. Wildan turned 3 years old 2 months back. He speaks a lot... and English only mind you.

Bosan aaa update blog ni.... korang tanak update blog korang ke? aku bosan aaaa.....

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Hambali ® said...

ok aku dah apdet.
aku akan mula balik. lama2 rasa rindu nak berblog balik.

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