Thursday, May 05, 2011

6 months is the limit

If you haven't notice, my last post was last October. I am not bothered to update this blog and even considered myself joining the rest of the crowd who gave up on blogging.

Two days ago I got admitted to the hospital because I sneezed too hard. Seriously. I sneezed and the pressure caught my problematic lower back and I fell to the ground. It happened just after I put on my working shirt and pants.

I can't barely stand.. dun talk about walking lah! So to keep the story short, I got my dad to send me to the emergency ward at Damansara Specialist Hospital. There is where I did my MRI and the doctor knows my history. So I did an X-Ray again and took a shot of painkiller. I knew that the painkiller injection will not help because I took it before but who am I to argue with the guy who went to medical school right?

The doctor admitted me to the ward and after he did the standard diagnostic routine, he referred me to go for Rehab. Exactly my intention of coming to the hospital! I know that the pain will eventually reoccur and I know how to cure myself by resting in bed for a few days. But since I have a trip to Cameron Highlands this coming weekend, I know that I need physio for speedy recovery.

So I went down to the rehab center by wheel chair. The first thing that the admin staff told me was, " You gained weight!!!". Hahah... indeed I am carrying additional weight compared to the last time went to see them. So I checked my appointment card and noticed that my last visit for physio was 1st November 2010. Almost exactly 6 months ago. The therapist was saying that the painless period has an expiry and I had to come again to see her for a reconditioning.

On that particular moment I remembered why I stopped going for physio! My replacement maid ran away in November 2010 and my family was maid-less for 4 months. During that four months Wifey and I were busy taking care of the household that I did not have time to go for physio. This is exactly the same reason why I stopped blogging in the first place.

The family got a new maid in March 2011. There are a lot of events going on in the past 7 months. Not sure if I want to blog about all of them, but surely I will blog some of the big events. So there you go my loyal blog followers. Welcome back to the blog of crappy entries full of tunggang langgang English, with grammar berterabur and vocab mostly learn in Peter and Jane books.

Oh by the way... I am doing better now. Currently waiting for the doctor to do last checkup before he discharges me out!


yatiscloset said...

klakar la ko rumet...anyway rerajin physio ok, motivation nak pegi cuti2 cameron kan!!!

anis salwa osman said...

ahha... ko discharge biler weii...
pasnie ko ngan amir akan selalu mengadap rehab tue..

rumet said...

hari khamis aku dah discharge...

aku dah biasa pegi rehab... confirm amir nangis nanti la.

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