Friday, October 01, 2010

Ayers Rock Bukit Jelutong

For my birthday dinner with my family, we went to Ayers Rock. It is a butcher shop that can grill our meat and serve it at the shop. The shop must be owned by a MCKK alumni - the MCOBA sticker is displayed at the entrance door.

This is our first try on their steaks. The price is quite reasonable. Ranging from RM25 for sirloin steak up to RM95 for Wagyu beef steak. There's also short ribs at RM50 per stick. Since this is a butcher shop, there's no option on the steak dish. No black pepper steak, no bombay steak etc etc. It it plain grilled steak served with potato salad, veggies and white sauce. The simplicity makes the steaks delicious I think. We have no complaints that night.

From the picture above, the shop is closed on Monday. The address is:

Ayers Rock, Butcher and Grill.
Lot 04-G, D'Bayu, Jalan Serambi U8/24,
Bukit Jelutong,
40150 Shah Alam,

Meal for 5 that night costs my sister RM177. Thanks Sis :)


Farra said...

aku tak pandai makan tak terliuq..sedap ke?

rumet said...

sedap sedap... ko kene try ni.

y@tipruzz said...

me too, never like steaks. org mkn steaks, aku order tomyam jek :p

Hambali ® said...

aku makan apa saja.
kena try ni kalo aku terlepas ke sana

Zarina The Makeup Queen said...

you're welcome bro.
Ha, apa lagi? Bila nak advertise my Professional Makeup service at your belog? :D

~ Nina ~ said...

Salam, nice blog u have here. What a coincidence, I'm also staying in Bkt jelutong :)

Azlina said...

What did u order for that rm177?

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