Friday, September 24, 2010

The Art Attack One Utama

We actually promised Arianna that we will stay in a hotel and take her swimming in Penang. Since the plan was cancelled, we make it up by taking the kids to One Utama. Main objective was to take Arianna to The Art Attack shop, where kids can do art stuffs with the guide of staffs over there.

One Utama featured paddy field for their Raya theme. Something like the train station in Sunway Pyramid. I don't think Arianna learnt anything from the feature that day. I just snapped a pictured of them near the scarecrow.

The Art Attack concept is simple. They display all the possible art work that you can make. The range is from small cardboard cars, trucks, guns, robots and to the big ones like monster truck, Hellboy gun and etc. Each artwork has a label indicating how many hours you need to spend to complete it ranging from 1 to 3 if I am not mistaken. The idea is to give some alone time to the parents since the kids will be busy doing art with the uncles and aunties at the shop.

The price is fixed at RM45 per art piece. Unless you become a member then you just need to pay RM40 per item.

How we wish that Arianna is the type that can be left be strangers (this doesn't sound right). But we know her to well. Once she felt that she is left behind she would cry her heart out. Hehehe...
So Wifey had to accompany her throughout the 2 hours of making this.....

After lunch Ayil and family joined us for Wildan's treat of the day. The Kiz Sports playground!!

This is the third time for Arianna and the 2nd for Wildan. The first time Wildan came was when he is still a baby. He did not enjoy the playground that much that time.

We spent almost 2 hours at the playground and went back home tired. But I hope that treat was good enough to compensate the roti canai banjir, nasik kandar beratur, ais kacang, pasemboq that we missed in Penang!


p!nkerton said...

wah mcm best aje. baru tau ada art attack tu. next time boleh kah join pegi the kidz sports tu? hihi :D bape eh per entry?

rumet said...

below 2 years old = 10 ringgit
2 years and above = 16 ringgit...

jom jom!

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