Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Restoran Asli Kampung Siam

We went here for my birthday dinner. It had to be somewhere near our house because someone was coming to the house at 9:30pm. So after maghrib we headed to Restoran Asli Kampung Siam in Section 13, Shah Alam. Details on the location can be found here.

The show Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan did a review on this place years ago. The food is reasonable okay lah. Nothing to shout about but the service is fast! We got our tomyam in less than 10 minutes after ordering. The selection of food does not confined only to authentic thai food. They serve chinese and malay dishes as well.

Something unique about the restaurant is the ceiling. They decorate the ceiling with eggs' trays.

We ordered baby kailan with garlic, seafood tomyam, sizzling beancurd and buttered soft shell crab. I think Wifey paid around RM90 plus for dinner that night. Cheap or expensive?

Thanks Wifey for the birthday dinner :) Love you....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Taman Negara Trip 16-18 September 2010

This is the first year we celebrate National Day twice. Apart from the usual 31st August, this year the government decided to give another day off on the 16th September to commemorate Sabah and Sarawak joining Malaysia.

So that long weekend (we had to take anual leave on Friday), we went to Taman Negara. We actually tag along Mastura, Idot and Hawa. They went to this place before and liked it so much. We drove all the way to Kuala Tahan so that the boat ride to the Nusa Holiday Village is not that long. If we were to take the boat from Ulu Tembeling, the boat ride would be 3 hours long.

We arrived at the "village" at around 3pm after lunch at Jerantut. The place is divided into 2 by a small river which is a great place to chill. One part is where the admin office, restaurant and the "rumah batu". The other part of the village which is located on a uphill, is where we stayed. It's a wooden chalet with one queen bed, attached toilet with hot shower and the room has air-cond. No TV! For RM100 per night I think it is a good bargain.

The place is kids friendly. However we did not go for the "extreme" outdoor activities such as Canopy Walk, night jungle trekking and etc. We decided to go to the Kelah Sanctuary and the Lata Berkoh Waterfall. We are a bit unlucky because on the day we arrived, it rained that night. So the river is murky and we were advised not to go for the Kelah Sanctuary because we would not be able to see anything. We went to Lata Berkoh but the stream was too fast for us to swim.

Since we opted for the relax and easy activity, we did not see any "big" animals. There were only insects and one skunk at our hotel.

All four of us spent RM700 in Taman Negara inclusive of accommodation, food, transfer boat ride, boat ride to Lata Berkoh and the tour guide. Surprisingly the trip was not as tiring as compared to a trip to a hotel in a city. It is very relaxing indeed.

This trip is considered my birthday gift trip :) More pictures are in my Smugmug page.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Art Attack One Utama

We actually promised Arianna that we will stay in a hotel and take her swimming in Penang. Since the plan was cancelled, we make it up by taking the kids to One Utama. Main objective was to take Arianna to The Art Attack shop, where kids can do art stuffs with the guide of staffs over there.

One Utama featured paddy field for their Raya theme. Something like the train station in Sunway Pyramid. I don't think Arianna learnt anything from the feature that day. I just snapped a pictured of them near the scarecrow.

The Art Attack concept is simple. They display all the possible art work that you can make. The range is from small cardboard cars, trucks, guns, robots and to the big ones like monster truck, Hellboy gun and etc. Each artwork has a label indicating how many hours you need to spend to complete it ranging from 1 to 3 if I am not mistaken. The idea is to give some alone time to the parents since the kids will be busy doing art with the uncles and aunties at the shop.

The price is fixed at RM45 per art piece. Unless you become a member then you just need to pay RM40 per item.

How we wish that Arianna is the type that can be left be strangers (this doesn't sound right). But we know her to well. Once she felt that she is left behind she would cry her heart out. Hehehe...
So Wifey had to accompany her throughout the 2 hours of making this.....

After lunch Ayil and family joined us for Wildan's treat of the day. The Kiz Sports playground!!

This is the third time for Arianna and the 2nd for Wildan. The first time Wildan came was when he is still a baby. He did not enjoy the playground that much that time.

We spent almost 2 hours at the playground and went back home tired. But I hope that treat was good enough to compensate the roti canai banjir, nasik kandar beratur, ais kacang, pasemboq that we missed in Penang!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Our Raya was about the same as the previous years. We went for Raya prayer in Kelana Jaya and then head to Cheras. The next day we went to Alor Star to salam my Embah. Then as usual we wanted to go to Penang but this year we didn't make it. It is due to this.

So decided to head back to KL the same day. Exciting Raya huh?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Penny Wong : First Asian Born Minister in Australia

What does these 2 Finance Ministers have in common?

Finance Minister 1
Finance Minister 2

Hehehehe.... gay is OK?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Balik Kampung

Starting tomorrow I am sure 90% of the Malay population in the office will already be on leave for Raya. Some of us even started to be on leave since last Saturday. For those who are still working on Thursday, high chance that their hometown is just a half an hour drive from their office. For those who can't take leave and have to work on Friday, enjoy the double or triple pay.

Towards the end of Ramadhan people are getting busy preparing to celebrate Syawal. The month when I am expected to gain back the 4 kilos I lost so far this Ramadhan. Some will be busy with the baju raya, some with their kuih raya and some will be busy with duit Raya. From what I've heard, Maybank is out of new RM1 notes. So if you haven't done the ringgit domination exchange yet, high chance you are going to get recycled old notes.

For those who missed the controversial TV3 Raya advertisement, you could always catch it in YouTube. This year there have been rumors flying around that Hari Raya will fall on Thursday, contrary with the date printed in all the Malaysian calender. Anyway just wait for the announcement tomorrow night.

As for my Hari Raya preparation, I've replaced all 4 tyres on the Vios. That alone cost me RM1000 together with balancing, alignment, replacement of camber screw and fill them up with nitrogen. Both the left and right drive shafts are replaced; damage = RM400.

For the house, we got ourselves a new 2-seater sofa from Fella Design. Ribu riban jugak habis tu..

Well this are all expected anyway. If there is no Hari Raya, we might not bother to change the tyres or get a new sofa.

Lastly if I don't make it to post another entry in time for Hari Raya, I would like to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir & Batin from the whole rumetqz family. For those who are driving back to the hometown, please drive carefully. The Undertaker would like to celebrate Raya in peace too....

Sunday, September 05, 2010

What happened to my PayPerPost account?

The additional offender groans.

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