Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stesen Keretapi Sunway Pyramid

Sambung cerita Day 14... that day we went to the Pasar Ramadhan Bukit Jelutong to get some food. No mood to cook that day so we bought Nasi Beriyani. The taste is so-so la... considering I paid RM19 for 3 packs. Sembilan belas ringgit tu aku boleh beli satu ekor ayam dengan berapa jambak sayur kat Mydin or Giant...lagi puas hati makan!Hahaha

Day 14 menu

Later that night we went to Sunway Pyramid to get compact powder for Wifey. That's the nearest MAC outlet to our place. Arrived that place at 9pm and we spent about 1 hour there. One hour test to my back and leg so far so good....

Interesting feature at Sunway Pyramid is the Stesen Keretapi KTM. The kids had fun there posing konon-konon naik keretapi....

More pictures here..

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