Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spinal Fusion

It's Tuesday and I am "enjoying" my 4 days weekend. On Friday we had Ayam Masak Hitam and Terung Sambal for break fast.

Day 3

On Saturday went back to Cheras to break fast with the family. Before that we went to Tanjung Malim to revisit Baitul Mahabbah. We spent time there mainly for Wifey to give a bit of tuition to the Standard 6 kids. They are about to sit for their UPSR, and based on our short interaction with them, they seriously need some guide to answer the questions. We left the place at 5pm just in time to buy some Ayam Kampung back to Cheras.

On Sunday I had a bad back pain. Been feeling the pain since the first day of fasting but that Sunday I can barely stand up. We skipped our weekly Pasar Tani trip and Wifey had to do the groceries shopping with the kids at Carrefour. I went to see the doctor at Klinik Menara, Bukit Jelutong and the doctor said the slipped disc test was positive. So he referred me to Dr. Malik, an orthopedic specialist / spinal surgeon in Damansara Specialist Hospital. Since the specialist clinic is closed on Sunday, I can only make an appoinment on Monday. While waiting for Maghrib I could only lay down flat in bed as that's the least painful position.

I was on MC on Monday and went to see Dr. Malik at DSH. He sent me off to get an X-Ray and MRI. I only managed to get the X-Ray done as the MRI is fully booked. From the X-Ray alone the doctor could diagnose that I have something worse than slipped disc. According to the doctor, if I had slipped disc I should only feel the pain on my legs. Since I feel the pain at my lower back all the way down to my right knee, he diagnosed that I am having slipped disc with degenerative disc. In other words, my disc is sending pain signal as well as pinching my "right leg" nerves. The problematic disc is L5/S1.

Dr. Malik told me that it's okay to not do anything about it. It depends on how many good days I have versus my bad days. If I have more bad days compared to the good ones, then I may want to consider surgery. He explained a few options but he is keen on doing the spinal fusion which will turn me into Iron Man. He'll remove my bad disc and replace it with plastic and screw my L5 and S1 together into one. He said I am free to explore the other "half take" methods but he informed that not all surgeons are trained to do spinal fusion.

First thing this morning I went to DSH again to do MRI. By 10am I got my MRI report and Dr. Malik confirmed that it is slipped disc. Again he mentioned that I am free to decide on to leave the disc alone or to go for surgery. I asked for any non-surgical procedures, he said I can try physiotherapy. According to him there are 1-2 cases where the disc recovered after physiotherapy.

Lastly he told me that I would not be paralyzed if I leave the spine and disc as it is. Even if the pinching get worse, the most I will feel is more pain! I had a talk with my parents about the surgery options and of course both of them are against it. When you talk to doctors, of course they will tell you that the surgery is safe.

At the moment I am getting this back pain at the rate of maybe twice a month. I personally think that I have more good days than bad days. I can survive with the common painkiller like Panadol Muscle and Pain and survive. I don't require Arcoxia, Ponstan or even Vicodin yet. So the doctor referred me to the physiotherapist. I have an appointment with him/her tomorrow at 9:30am.

We'll see how lah. For now let me enjoy my 4th day off....


esahlicious said...

ape kate try podiatry gak?

i went to klinik podiatry kat tmn tun.. they have another outlet kat solaris..

tp tmn tun aa sng.. blakang skolah marisa je.. jumpe doc tuh.. bring in ur xray's ape sume and im sure he can help u


Anonymous said...

get well soon rumet.. sorry to hear about this..


Hambali ® said...

jaga diri baik2 ... kurangkan bersenam

Anonymous said...


why not try ambil supplement from USANA?.,it can helps with slip disc...clinically proven ..supplement to be taken iis Essentials and Procasa II

insyaallah akan better..

Anonymous said...

my dad also have the same condition as u, if everything ok, he will admited 30 sept in HSA, undergo surgery.. da surgery is da only hope for his condition before it getting worse, i think its better 4 u to undergo da surgery b4 its too late n effect ur another leg.. hopefully my dad gonna b ok..

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