Monday, August 09, 2010

Revisit Ayam Kampung Tanjung Malim

Initially we had nothing planned for the weekend. Wifey suggested to visit a foster home in Rawang. Since Rawang is almost half way to Tanjung Malim, I decided to take the family to have the famous Ayam Kampung Tanjung Malim (Tanjung Malim Free Range Chicken). The restaurant has no name but it has a small white board with a drawing of a chicken drumstick and note saying that it is open at 1pm. The GPS coordinate is +3° 41' 46.17", +101° 30' 58.12".

The outlet serves Padang style of cooking. There are 3 types of free range chicken dishes; Gulai Ayam, Rendang Ayam and Ayam Goreng. They are priced at RM7 per piece. There no choice of drinks, they will serve you with cold plain tea. There are other dishes as well like squids, prawns, fish (Ikan Baung) and all sorts of cow's internal organs.

Two lots next to the restaurant there is a foster home called Baitul Mahabbah. So instead of going to Rawang, we decided to drop by this place. The housekeeper is Ustaz Hazan (019-5595778) and he takes care of 7 boys together with his wife. The boys are aged from 7 to 12. They are living in a bungalow house which has 6 rooms. The place is well taken care of. According to Ustaz Hazan, they are quite okay despite not getting any help from any government body or NGO. His only concern is the house rental is RM1300 per month.

Anyway this was my first attempt to visit a foster home. I like this place as the house is not so crowded and insya Allah we will keep on visiting them again. After all... there'll always be an urge to have some ayam kampung someday....


Anonymous said...

kat ne kedai nih?dekat kedai pau tu ke..nampak sedap je lauk tuh...nasib baik ko post awal..klu post bulan pose mau melelehhh

rumet said...

dekat je dengan kedai pau tu... google map direction ni:'+46.17%22,+%2B101%C2%B0+30'+58.12%22&daddr=1+Jalan+Slim+Lama,+35900+Tanjung+Malim+(Yik+Mun)&hl=en&geocode=%3BCSvsZ1VNdLJPFRRUOAAd8iINBiFIDhXO28TeZg&mra=ls&sll=3.69154,101.52421&sspn=0.011563,0.022681&ie=UTF8&ll=3.693009,101.520045&spn=0.011563,0.022681&z=16

Anonymous said...

Nama kedai dia andre la rumet

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