Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Karipap Pusing Secret Recipe

Last Sunday Wifey decided to try out a Prawn Curry Mee recipe. Since the try out portion was big, we took it to Cheras to taste it at my mother-in-law's place. It was good for a first time effort, I won't mind having the same one again without any adjustments to the recipe.

However the ultimate reason for going back to Cheras was to dig out information on the secret curry puffs recipe from Tok Cik, Wifey's grandaunt. I know by asking her the recipe will be no good as I would not know the basics of making curry puffs anyway. So I brought the ingredients along and ask her to demo it for me! Heheheh.....

Being a 70 year old (i think) lady, she has a superb memory. She can remember a recipe which she discovered 30-40 years ago. This curry puff we are going to make, she have not cooked them for at least 6 years. There's no piece of paper where she needed to refer to!! Google is not needed in this recipe :)

There are 2 major components of this curry puff; the shell and the filling. We did the spiral shell or in Malay we call it Karipap Pusing. The fundamental of this shell is to have two types of dough with different texture. Dough #1 is a mixture of flour and ice cold water. Dough #2 is a mixtures of flour and oil based substance like butter, margarine, shortening, etc.

Once the dough are ready, we leave it to rest while we prepare the filling. I think this is the ultimate secret recipe. Wifey told me that Tok Cik's curry puff is the best!! Surprisingly the ingredients are:

1) Meat (chicken/beef)
2) Big onions
3) Potato
4) Spring onion
5) Daun sup (lupa la apa nama in English)
6) Curry powder
7) Salt
8) Sugar

Nothing fancy right???

The tricky part is to shape the dough to have the spiral texture. We were to occupied doing the practical training that I did not have time to snap some pictures. Well at least there's something about the recipe that will remain a secret :)

We started to mix the dough at 2:30pm and I remembered only at 6:20pm we fried the curry puffs. 4 hours of hard work... some would rather pay 50 cents a piece for this. At least I learn something new during the weekend while spending time with the old folk in the family. When it comes to Tok Cik, I think this is the best way to start the month of Ramadhan with her.... doing something she loves and really really good at.

Happy fasting to all!


Hambali ® said...

kalo bulan posa, pukoi 2 dah kena buat .... baru siap dlm pukoi 6

apa2 pun, selamat berposa rumet and family ... dari kami di tanjong (bukak posa dgn mertabak hameediyah la jawabnya)

rumet said...

bulan posa kalau nak buat jugak... kene uli pakai machine aa.... basah lencun aku haritu uli tepung!

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