Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to gain weight during fasting month

Firstly I would like to wish a Happy Ramadhan to all. May you have a better Ramadhan than the years before, Insya Allah..

Fasting month will be an interesting period for our body weight. Some of us will lose weight and some of them will gain. I would like to share some point where gaining weight is much easier than losing weight during fasting month with this few tips:

1) Freeze your gym membership.

It is the sensible thing to do. With the lack of energy during the day and the fact that you have to face the horrible traffic jam during the fasting month, there's no way you would want to go to the gym. Even if you can make it to the gym, you would cause people to make unreasonable sin by accusing you for not fasting.

2) Sleep after sahur

On normal days you might only consume bread or cereal for breakfast or even skip breakfast. But during fasting month, you must eat rice for sahur. Come on man... you are not going to eat anything for the next 13 hours. Can you survive without rice?? Then the best part is, to conserve the energy you would want to sleep after sahur. This will transform your body into hibernate mode. Energy will be converted into fat as we are not burning that much calorie while sleeping.

3) Schedule your work to a less energy consuming task

This can be achieved by cancelling your site visits, make less appointments with clients, less meetings and etc. Since you can't eat or drink, less visit to the pantry. And since there's nothing much to pass out, less visit to the toilet!

4) Pig out during break fast sessions.

You deserve it! 13 hours of starving justifies for a big feast. You don't need to know how to cook, there are Pasar Ramadhan everywhere. But start by following the Sunnah... break fast with dates. That alone has complex sugar inside. Then continue your feast with sweet drinks, 2 or 3 types of desserts, a huge portion of main course and finish it off with some more desserts. On normal days you would usually eat a dinners of maybe 500-600 calories, but since you skipped lunch (which is a about 600-800 calories) we have to recover that miss as well by consuming nearly 2000 calories. For those who liase regularly with suppliers or vendors, this is the best time to ask them to "entertain" you with the big buffets promotions at hotels everywhere.

5) Supper before sleep.

The only workout during fasting month would be the Terawih prayers. Be it 8 rakaat or 20 rakaat, we must have moreh after that. Its a special month, for those who never had supper this is the best month to try this out. Usually fasting month supper would be the left overs from the break fast food. Mostly would be some more desserts! Sugar is your best friend during the fasting month.

By following these 5 simple steps I am pretty sure that you are going to gain weight during fasting month. I am the type that loses weight during fasting month. Last night I've taken the reading from the weighing machine... I am 90kg at the start of fasting month :)

Happy fasting to all!!


myjuliana said...

hehe.. i "like" this!

rumet, meh datang posa kat uk kalau nak lose weight. aku rasa macam boleh, sbb puasa 17-18jam, then takde pasar ramadhan or vendor nak belanja. hehe and also takde moreh. cemana nak moreh dgn org2 arab tu, diorang dinner pon roti pita dgn humus jek. moreh sah2 la air teh cicah biskut

p!nkerton said...

weahaha betull! instead of losing weight ter-gain weight pulak kan ;p
selamat berpuasa encik rumet & family :D

*kak julie- menarik gak tu. biasala, sbb malaysia je boleh! ;p

-pruzz- said...

So cynically nice!!!!

Selamat berpuasa rumet

rumet said...

julie: lepas 17-18 jam puasa aku rasa lagi banyak melantak kot masa berbuka.

p!nkerton: selamat berpuasa jugak!

pruzz: lama tak jumpa... selamat berpuasa

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