Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For Sale: Plantech Clip.Viva Bluetooth Headset

During this Ramadhan, the mosque/surau near our place organizes sahur, break fast and moreh (supper) sessions daily. Last year we received a note from the mosque requesting for a sincere contribution (sumbangan ikhlas) to support this events. Yesterday I noticed we got the same note again... requesting for sincere contribution of RM100 per household. There's actually an option to sponsor one of the session such as moreh for a contribution "fee" of RM1000 per session per day.

RM100 may be small to some... but for me its not that small lah. My weekly Pasar Tani budget is RM100. So in order for me to raise fund for this Ramadhan community contribution, I am selling off one of the unused gadget I have at home.

The item is a Bluetooth Headset. It comes in a package with the HTC HD2 phone that I bought for Wifey early this year. Since Wifey doesn't like to have the headset stucked in her ears while she is driving and wearing tudung, the headset is left unopened in the cupboard since she got it.

The brand and model of the headset is Plantech Clip.Viva. The "retail" price on the tag is RM179 but I am sure no shop is selling it at that price. I do see someone is selling in Lelong for RM135.

Warranty wise I don't think there is any anymore since I bought the phone sometime in January 2010. But I can assure you that the item is unused and I have not even opened the packaging. So.. any takers for RM100? All the money gained from this transaction will end up to the mosque's Ramadhan activities. "Membeli sambil beramal" :)

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eLLe said...

rumet, cam interested je sbb hubby pon mmg looking for one..hmm tp soalan jakun ni, camne nak pakaii nih?

rumet said...

trick question ni!

first phone kene la support bluetooth. then kene pair phone tu dengan headset...

headset ni yang jenis clip kat baju pastu ade earphone cable connected kat clip tu...

kalau nak... aku leh mintak qz bawak pegi opis.

eLLe said...

ok..esok bawak erk..nanti bleh bayau sekali dgn kuih raya..ehhe..

mdizone said...

alahai..dah terjual ke? aku berminat nak beli ni...kalau elle tak jadi amik, aku nak tau!

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