Sunday, August 01, 2010

The End of Great Singapore Sale 2010

Yesterday was the last day of the Great Singapore Sale for the year 2010. On the weekend of 9th July 2010, the family and I took a drive to Singapore. Actually we stayed in Johor Bahru at Atih's place. Atih is Wifey's aunty.

Since I am writing about Atih, she does not eat eggs. But we discovered that she does not consume only Malaysian eggs. Singapore eggs are okay!

As we can see, Atih (3rd from left) is enjoying the KFC egg tart very much. We are wondering when will this egg tarts land in the KFCs in Malaysia. It is good!

3 years back we went to Singapore but then it was only the three of us. Since Wildan came in the picture, it seems fair for us to bring him to the Singapore Zoo.

This time around Arianna is big enough to ride a pony. According to her this is the best part of the trip.

Wildan was very brave to feed the giraffe.

After the visit to the zoo, we went to the food court at Beach Road to have the famous Sup Tulang Merah.

On the first day of our visit to Singapore we just went to the zoo, Beach Road and Arab Street. Second day we went to Seranggoon Road to pickup Kim's motorbike gloves at Chiap Lee and Orchard Road. We didn't shop that much as travelling with kids and senior citizen is not that easy :P

By the way the exchange rate during our visit was RM2.36 for SGD1.

More pictures at my Smugmug page.


Hambali ® said...

komen sikit pasai sup tulang merah tu

rumet said...

sup tulang merah ni manis sme.. lupa nak cakap.. tulang kambing beb! hahaha

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