Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 14

Its the 14th day of Ramadhan and I have been a bit slow in updating this blog. This is mainly due to my injury and I am spending most of my time browsing about this "slipped disc" condition and the degenerative disc disease.

Yesterday I went for my 2nd visit to see the physiotherapist and since I am still complaining of the leg pain, the physiotherapist is saying that the disc is still pinching the nerves. At the moment I am undergoing traction and physiotherapy. I am not dependent so much on painkiller at nights but I just take it after sahur in case I am to be in pain during the day.

Day 7
Day 7
Day 8

Above are the menu of berbuka for Day 7 and Day 8. Slipped disc pon still boleh masak... kira ok la kan?

Day 11 of Ramadhan we hosted an Iftar session at home - Bukit Jelutong. I prepared some bbq ribs and sotong goreng tepung. Wifey prepared caramel and sayur campur. I didn't have time to snap some pictures but I hope Farul can share some of the pictures he took that night. Punz took the bluetooth headset that I put up on sale here. Thanks to Punz and for your information I've already banked in the fund into Surau/Masjid Bukit Jelutong for their Ramadhan usage.

Today I felt some pain at my back and none on my right leg. I guess this is better than yesterday. My next physiotherapy appointment is this coming Friday and at the moment I will continue doing the 16 workout routine given by the therapist twice daily. Insya Allah.

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Hambali ® said...

hoho bestnya. Aku pun suka masak. Tah pasaipa tah ... tapi aku sangat enjoy memasak esp lauk pauk.

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