Monday, June 28, 2010

Brother Innov-is 30

Thanks to Project Runaway, Wifey decided to purchase a sewing machine. A Brother NV30. The best part is, she has no sewing background at all. Nowadays there's nothing wrong with that. People who do not know how to cook have kitchens in their homes complete with oven, grill and etc... tak salah kan?

The sewing machine's retail price is RM1299. We bought it from J.P Doshi and we got RM99 discount. On top of that the son of the owner, Jack Doshi gave us some free gifts something like a starter kit.

We bought the machine a few weeks back and since then our in-house seamstress has came up with a few products. On th day that she bought the machine itself, she sewed this dress.

Obviously this dress is to try off the available stitch patterns available on the machine.

Arianna was not very happy because the dress is in white and blue pattern. 2nd reason is because her other baby doll has no new dress. She keep on telling her Ibu to sew another one for the other doll.

I dont have to explain on this headboard anymore right?

Next... from this Winnie the Pooh cloth, Wifey managed to sew a curtain and pillow covers.

Last but not least.... a dress for Arianna! Belum pegi kelas lagi dah jahit dress... gempak tak???

Speaking of sewing class, Wifey just attended her first sewing class yesterday. It is run by Busana Jalinan Kasih. She is taking the blouse sewing class. It is a 2 session class - 3 hours each session. Price = RM150.

From the pictures above I know Wifey can pickup sewing well. Since we have a sewing machine at home now, I am planning to sew a shirt for myself. Watch out this space... hahah.


myjuliana said...

aku pon dah beli buku menjahit. sama plak niat ngan qz. nak jahit blowse sendiri sbb blowse2 kat kedai kureng best

watch out world!

y@tipruzz said...

kagum seh!!

Farra said...

minat menjahit jugak tp masa cemburu

apapon u ! eheheh ;) keep sharing

mesin yg ni mmg ada sulaman ek? sbb tu mahai benor

p!nkerton said...

whoa hebat lahh!
yg headboard tu mmg terbaek la! tempah 1 boleyy? ;p

Mueya said...

Waahhhh...gempaklah Qz...lepas nie bley bukak bisnes menjahit...Bley buat tudung ariani style sendiri...and can save you a couple hundred RM!

baby crib said...

Wow. Very nice dress for dolls. I love that Winnie the pooh curtain. Very lovely girl. She is so cute.

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