Monday, June 28, 2010

Brother Innov-is 30

Thanks to Project Runaway, Wifey decided to purchase a sewing machine. A Brother NV30. The best part is, she has no sewing background at all. Nowadays there's nothing wrong with that. People who do not know how to cook have kitchens in their homes complete with oven, grill and etc... tak salah kan?

The sewing machine's retail price is RM1299. We bought it from J.P Doshi and we got RM99 discount. On top of that the son of the owner, Jack Doshi gave us some free gifts something like a starter kit.

We bought the machine a few weeks back and since then our in-house seamstress has came up with a few products. On th day that she bought the machine itself, she sewed this dress.

Obviously this dress is to try off the available stitch patterns available on the machine.

Arianna was not very happy because the dress is in white and blue pattern. 2nd reason is because her other baby doll has no new dress. She keep on telling her Ibu to sew another one for the other doll.

I dont have to explain on this headboard anymore right?

Next... from this Winnie the Pooh cloth, Wifey managed to sew a curtain and pillow covers.

Last but not least.... a dress for Arianna! Belum pegi kelas lagi dah jahit dress... gempak tak???

Speaking of sewing class, Wifey just attended her first sewing class yesterday. It is run by Busana Jalinan Kasih. She is taking the blouse sewing class. It is a 2 session class - 3 hours each session. Price = RM150.

From the pictures above I know Wifey can pickup sewing well. Since we have a sewing machine at home now, I am planning to sew a shirt for myself. Watch out this space... hahah.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to build a bed headboard

This was our D.I.Y project last weekend. Now since the headboard is successfully hanging on the wall, I can proudly say that to make a headboard for your bed only takes 4 special steps (Special Agent OSO style).

Step 1 : Prepare the base / board.

This can be done by either buying plywood from the hardware store or take out a door from one of your unused room. Maybe you have too many bathrooms in your house and not all of them are utilized, then there's no point having a door for that room.

What I did with the door is to break them into components. First take out the door knob. Then take out the plywood from the door frame. Since I had 2 pieces of plywood, I glue them to together to make it thicker.

Then I cut the plywood according to my required size which is 33 inches x 72 inches. Sand off the edges and the base is done!

So for those of you who has less patience or maybe no extra door at home, you may go to the hardware store to purchase the base. Tell the handyman the size and thickness you want and pay him the money to prepare the base for you.

Step 2: Padding the headboard.

What is the purpose of installing a headboard if you still feel the pain when you bang your head to the wall while sleeping or playing on your bed? The main objective of having a headboard installed is to have a comfortable wall to lean against with.

So in this project we used sponges and fiber padding material. We bought the sponges at the hardware store for RM1.80 per piece. We needed 12 pieces to cover the entire surface. I wasted RM4.80 here as the hardware store next door is selling the sponge for RM1.40 per piece.

I stapled the sponges to the board. The sponges just need to be in place when we want to fit the cover to the board. The final layer of padding is the fiber material. We bought this material at the Bunga & Reben shop in Jalan TAR. The price is RM15 per sheet and one piece fits ngam-ngam to our heardboard.

Step 3: Cover the headboard.

To make the headboard look nice and expensive, it has to be covered or wrapped with some cushion cloth. Why cushion cloth? It is thicker, bigger in width (54 inches and above) and fit the purpose better than other type of fabrics. You don't expect me to cover the headboard with chiffon cloth do you?

You can choose either to use 1 color/design or combine multiple designs. Since Wifey is in the mood for sewing, we decided to combine 2 designs.

Again once the cover is ready, you just need to wrap the board and secure it with either thumbtacks or staples. Glue? Maybe... you can try. But make sure that the cover fits tightly to the headboard. You don't want your headboard to look cheap like you are staying in a 1 star hotel room.

Step 4: Hang the headboard to the wall.

This can be easily achieved by installing some hooks to the headboard. This is simple stuff lah.. like hanging your picture frame to the wall. I don't want to explain further.

So there you go! Your homemade headboard in 4 special steps. If you have the material ready, this can be completed in half a day....provided your seamstress don't spend hours sewing 2 straight lines lah :P

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

10 days after

Ini la jadinya bila orang IT bercucuk tanam. Dah la pokok pisang sikit punya tinggi nak tuai hasil. Dah peram buah pisang tu, sekali tengok semua masak serentak. 10 hari selepas tuai. Itu pon dah terlebih masak. Dapat la 5 sikat. Memang padan la pokok pisang tu besar dan tinggi semacam... buah dia pon besar gila! Kalau jual atas nama Dole ni.. masyukkkk.

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