Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Productive Saturday

This morning I am supposed to take the Vios to the knock and paint workshop. I called the taukey yesterday and he quoted RM350 for 3 bumpers (back and front) and one door. I think that is very reasonable. But the bad news is it rained this morning. How la the paint can dry if it is raining. Surely the taukey will take more than a day to get the job done. So that plan is cancelled. Rugi je miss badminton ...

So while Wifey and Arianna were at the tailor, Wildan and I watched TV. From Man vs. Food to Blonde Ambitions. After lunch I decided to try and make my own marshmallow. As of me writing this post, I am still waiting for it to properly set.

After making the marshmallow I went to the hardware shop to get the things need to install a 3-pin plug point and a shower hose for the toilet bowl. Finally the 2nd room is now equipped with a fan. That is planned to be our prayer room.

Last activity after watching the finale episode of Monk is to cut the grass. I would love to claim that this is a monthly activity but the truth is I would only cut the grass when there's someone ringing the doorbell asking if he can can my grass or not. That is definitely a sign that the grass need to be cut.

So what is for dinner?

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