Monday, May 17, 2010

Feverish and coughish week

It has been a sickly week for the whole household. Started off last Tuesday when Wildan and I had fever and cough. On Wednesday we went to the clinic to get some medicine. Naturally the next victim to catch on the bug is the maid as she is with Wildan almost all the time. On Thursday Arianna had a bit of fever. Wifey and I are know very well how Arianna will be when she has a fever. She will surely vomit in the middle of the night and without any doubt, that surely happened on that Thursday night. Both of them Arianna and Wildan are not fans of sponging. We had no choice but to push the super strong fever medicine via the ass. The downside of that is, after a few doses of those medicine the kid will have runny stool.

So on Friday Wifey and I decided to take a day off to take care of the kids. While I still have the cough and out of medicine, I brought Arianna to the clinic. This time Arianna is diagnosed with throat infection and was given antibiotics. Doctor gave me M.C. First M.C for year 2010... 13 to go ....

**Alamak..... Wildan dah bangun tido plak....chow

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