Wednesday, May 19, 2010

China and their Li Ning Racket

Last Friday I took MC purposely to watch Malaysia lose to China in the Thomas Cup semi-finals. All commentators from every channel that broadcast the live match were saying China is in their own league. Malaysia has the BWF No.1 for both men singles and men doubles but still they were beaten like primary school players against secondary school (if not varsity) players. Itu aku quote Wifey :)

I just saw a video clip posted in Facebook on Lin Dan practice session. Gile wey!! Pukul shuttlecock semua masuk tabung at the other side of the court!! But the intro of the clip is about the Li Ning racket.

Last week I sent my badminton racket for re-string-ing. A few weeks back I did a smash at the speed of 279km/h that the string decided to snap. FYI there's a small badminton shop called Proshop in Cyberjaya run by Mr. Tan. He is the operator of Prima Avenue Sports Center which consists of badminton courts,futsal, volleyball and gym. Total damage for the string inclusive of installation is RM26.

Did you know that Pete Sampras sent all his rackets (more than a dozen of them) for re-stringing after every single match he played? Even the ones that he didn't use during the game!!!

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Who Am I? said...

betul ke 279km/h? guna speed limit sensor polis eh?

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