Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning

Actually tak pagi sangat aa... kul 12 camtu kiterang decide nak tuai buah pisang yang dah berapa bulan tak masak-masak atas pokok. Dahla pokok tu kiterang tanam dari tahun lepas. Setahun lebih tak leh kutip hasil lagi... kalau aku petani... boleh bankrup siot!!

Tapi sayangnya Wifey tak amik plak gambar masa aku tgh panjat tangga nak kerat tandan pisang tu.

So sekarang ni pisang ni dah selamat kiterang peram dalam kotak. Ntah la bila boleh makan... pisang jenis apa pon tak tahu. Jangan pisang hutan dah la... mabuk plak nanti kalau makan.. hahahhaha

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Productive Saturday

This morning I am supposed to take the Vios to the knock and paint workshop. I called the taukey yesterday and he quoted RM350 for 3 bumpers (back and front) and one door. I think that is very reasonable. But the bad news is it rained this morning. How la the paint can dry if it is raining. Surely the taukey will take more than a day to get the job done. So that plan is cancelled. Rugi je miss badminton ...

So while Wifey and Arianna were at the tailor, Wildan and I watched TV. From Man vs. Food to Blonde Ambitions. After lunch I decided to try and make my own marshmallow. As of me writing this post, I am still waiting for it to properly set.

After making the marshmallow I went to the hardware shop to get the things need to install a 3-pin plug point and a shower hose for the toilet bowl. Finally the 2nd room is now equipped with a fan. That is planned to be our prayer room.

Last activity after watching the finale episode of Monk is to cut the grass. I would love to claim that this is a monthly activity but the truth is I would only cut the grass when there's someone ringing the doorbell asking if he can can my grass or not. That is definitely a sign that the grass need to be cut.

So what is for dinner?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

China and their Li Ning Racket

Last Friday I took MC purposely to watch Malaysia lose to China in the Thomas Cup semi-finals. All commentators from every channel that broadcast the live match were saying China is in their own league. Malaysia has the BWF No.1 for both men singles and men doubles but still they were beaten like primary school players against secondary school (if not varsity) players. Itu aku quote Wifey :)

I just saw a video clip posted in Facebook on Lin Dan practice session. Gile wey!! Pukul shuttlecock semua masuk tabung at the other side of the court!! But the intro of the clip is about the Li Ning racket.

Last week I sent my badminton racket for re-string-ing. A few weeks back I did a smash at the speed of 279km/h that the string decided to snap. FYI there's a small badminton shop called Proshop in Cyberjaya run by Mr. Tan. He is the operator of Prima Avenue Sports Center which consists of badminton courts,futsal, volleyball and gym. Total damage for the string inclusive of installation is RM26.

Did you know that Pete Sampras sent all his rackets (more than a dozen of them) for re-stringing after every single match he played? Even the ones that he didn't use during the game!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Feverish and coughish week

It has been a sickly week for the whole household. Started off last Tuesday when Wildan and I had fever and cough. On Wednesday we went to the clinic to get some medicine. Naturally the next victim to catch on the bug is the maid as she is with Wildan almost all the time. On Thursday Arianna had a bit of fever. Wifey and I are know very well how Arianna will be when she has a fever. She will surely vomit in the middle of the night and without any doubt, that surely happened on that Thursday night. Both of them Arianna and Wildan are not fans of sponging. We had no choice but to push the super strong fever medicine via the ass. The downside of that is, after a few doses of those medicine the kid will have runny stool.

So on Friday Wifey and I decided to take a day off to take care of the kids. While I still have the cough and out of medicine, I brought Arianna to the clinic. This time Arianna is diagnosed with throat infection and was given antibiotics. Doctor gave me M.C. First M.C for year 2010... 13 to go ....

**Alamak..... Wildan dah bangun tido plak....chow

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Legend International Water Homes Port Dickson

Wifey and I took leave on Friday to go for this trip with the kids. We can say this is a Mother's Day trip fully sponsored by Wifey. She paid the expensive room, the toll charges and even the tip for the bell boy. Thank you Wifey :)

The 1 night stay is worth it. The kids enjoyed the indoor pool very much. We had a simple dinner at one of the nearby restaurant. Personally I've been to PD a couple of times and the hardest part for me it to find good food in PD.

Indoor pool

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another Hot-Hot Chicken Shit Plan To Lose Weight

I started to go swimming at MMU swimming pool 3 weeks ago. This is inspired by the fact that my medical checkup result is not indicating that I am a fit person. Plus I think I have a pre-mid-life crisis as I am turning 30 this year. I would like to take care of my health so that I can live at least another 30 years.

The MMU swimming pool is a standard Olympic pool size. 50 meters x 25 meters and 1.8meters deep. Students are charged RM1 per entry, RM2 for MMU/TM staff and RM3 for public. As usual there are time slots but I am interested in the 4pm - 8pm slot and maybe 8pm - 10pm slot. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are Open to male and female. Tuesday and Friday are Ladies days. Thursday is dedicated for men who are shy to been seen wearing trunks in front of ladies. Some would prefer to call it swimming day for gays.

So far I've made a point to swim every Monday and Wednesday. 15 laps a day... 30 pergi balik. My last swimming session I clocked 47.05 minutes to finish 1.5 kilometers. How do I know that? Hahaha....

After the 2nd swimming session I have made excuses to buy a digital sports watch. I told Wifey that I couldn't see the wall clock as I am not wearing prescription swimming goggles. I also thought it is good to have a stopwatch to time my performance. Hahaha.... guys! We can turn a simple sport that requires only a piece of speedo into a sports full of gadgets :)

I first search for "swimming watch" in Ebay and among the result is:

A Garmin Forerunner 310XT !!!! This thing can upload the swim path that you've done. In my case it will show me swimming back and forth in the pool for 30 rounds! hahahahah.... not to mention it can capture calorie burnt, heart rate monitor and et cetera. Last I checked this thing costs nearly RM2000.

Obviously this is too much for me. Even I can't convince myself to buy this watch. I don't even have to talk it out with Wifey :P

Wifey and I went to a watch shop at Giant Shah Alam to check out some other reasonable options. I made up my mind that the watch that I am going to buy will cost less than RM100. The cheapest Casio digital watch is RM119 after 20% discount.

Finally I found the best watch that fit my criteria at A classic Casio digital watch that costs RM89. The same one that is selling at RM119 in Giant Shah Alam watch shop.

I received the watch 2 days after I made my order. The owner SMS me twice to confirm that the watch is In Stock and when she sent it to PosLaju. Good service ! I have to say I am very happy with the purchase, especially with the spec:

100M Water Resistant
Perfect for swimming and snorkeling

The Garmin can wait till I become a fitness freak and sign up for Iron Man Langkawi 201x...

Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy 63rd Birthday Tok

Yesterday we went out for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday. Initially we thought of going to Jemari Restaurant but that place is closed. My sister said this is the 2nd time that place is closed. Daddy is in the mood for Tomyam so finally we decided to go to D'Stall Kopitiam just a few blocks away from Jemari.

The food was "so-so". I would say Arianna had the best evening last night. Her "caretaker" Acik Warni is back from 1 month holiday in Indonesia. The shocking news is Acik Warni is now a grandmother! I think she is not even 40 yet..

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