Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Kuantan Trip with Ayil,Esah,Marisa&Amily

During the Chinese New Year weekend, we went to Kuantan for a one night trip. Initially we wanted to stay at Vistana Hotel but since it was just for one night, we decided to stay in Hyatt Hotel at Teluk Chempedak. For a couple hundred ringgit extra, we get a nicer room plus a few more swimming pools and get to stay by the beach.

We left KL after Subuh that Saturday morning. Hence Arianna and Wildan are wearing their sleepwear while Wifey checks in to the room.

Prior before check in, we had lunch at Akub Patin House. No pictures were taken as usual. Mana nak boleh handle weyyy... 2 orang budak.. nak makan... nak amik gambar... impossible! Someone blogged about this place here. Note: the patin buah masak tempoyak is really good. it is slightly more expensive compared to the patin bela - dalam kolam or sangkar.

Lepas budak2 mandi... we went for tea at Taman Gelora. Here is where we ate karipap. Last I had the karipap here is more than 10 years ago. Again details can be found here.

For dinner we went to Tanjung Lumpur for Ikan Bakar Petai. Details... google it yourself lah.

On Sunday morning we went for breakfast nearby Hyatt. Then we took the kids to the hotel's playground.

After checkout, we went to Esah's Uncle's place to eat Nasi Dagang. Then we went separate ways and head back to KL.

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