Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bukit Merah Trip

This trip is planned because my brother is due to fly back to Miri for his 2nd semester at Curtin College. My sister, Wifey and I took leave on Monday the 1st of March. the plan is for all the 8 of us to go but unfortunately my brother had to go for a nose surgery on Thursday 26th February.

In the end the trip proceeded with the four of us (Wifey, Arianna, Wildan and I), my mom and the helper. We booked a 3-room apartment in Bukit Merah. We paid RM220 per night. It has 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living hall and balcony. The master bedroom and the 2nd room have airconds.

We reached the place around 3pm. The kids felt asleep due to the long drive. Wifey and I went for Cendol in Semanggol. I blogged about this before.

That evening we went to my father-in-law's vacation home in Semanggol. Then we took him out for Mee Udang in Kuala Sepetang. This place has lot's of positive reviews especially after it is featured in TV3 sometime back. Unfortunately our family did not share the same joy about the prawn mee.

The service is super slow. It's just not worth the wait for this bowl of mee. The gravy/soup is tasteless. I guess the main highlight is the amount of prawns served in one bowl of noodle. The price is now set to RM6, RM10 and RM12. Just for the record in case any of you still want to go after reading this.

The next day is all about Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. In the morning we went to the Orang Utan Island.

After that we went to the Eco Park. We get to choose either to ride in the skycyle or the chairlift. Since Wildan is not allowed to ride in the chairlist, all of us went for the skycycle.

After the Eco Park, we break for lunch. We went back to the apartment after that and wait the weather is suitable for the water park. At around 4:30pm we went to the Water Park and by the time we got back to the apartment that evening, everybody are exhausted. We had dinner home cooked by Wifey who brought all the ingredients from home.

On Monday morning we head back to KL. I made a detour to Ipoh hoping to get some Funny Mountain Tau Fu Far but to be disappointed that the outlet is closed. I guess they are still in the Chinese New Year break.. or is it because of the Chap Goh Meh celebration few days back.

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Afidalina Tumian said...

comelnya orangutan tu! skycycle tu mcm kewlness must go one day.

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