Monday, February 22, 2010

Built In Cabinet Bukit Jelutong

Last Saturday the carpenter came to install the cabinet in the 2nd room. We ordered the cabinet 2 weeks before Chinese New Year and the "tauke" mentioned that the wood stock before CNY is not that nice. Since we are not in hurry, we told him that we don't mind waiting.

At 10am that morning, the lorry arrived.

We were told that they will complete installation by 3pm but since they skipped lunch and smoked a little less ciggarette that day, they managed to get it done by 2pm.

The pictures are not that nice. I couldn't get a better angle as this is the smallest yet tallest room in the house.

Details of the cabinet:

Size : 9 feet x 9 feet
Door type : Solid nyatoh wood
Color : Walnut
Price : RM 2700...


Farra said...

i like..bole tiru :p

rumet said...

haha... cepat order.. tauke ni dah tua.. dia kata lagi 2 tahun die dah nak stop

Abgzan ( said...

boleh kasi contact number tokey nih? TQ

Anonymous said...

Yes, please publish the contact number... Perhaps you can get some komisyen for being a referee?

rumet said...

sorry for the late reply... contractor details:

Mr. Lee : 0193342070

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