Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aloe Vera Juice Recipe

Today I am going to share a recipe of aloe vera juice. Aloe vera is well known by the old folks to cool things off. So this recipe is very useful during these hot weather season that we are having.

Step 1: Harvest some fresh aloe vera from your garden. I've never seen aloe vera being sold in any shop before. So if you don't have aloe vera in your garden, I am very happy to sell it for RM5 per piece. Gile cekik darah!

Step 2: Peel of the skin of the aloe vera with a sharp knife. The skin is the element that has the bitter taste. But the old folks used to tell, bitter stuffs are good to lower down the blood sugar level.

Step 3: Squeeze the clear flesh of the aloe vera into a bowl.

Step 4: Get the assistant cum photographer to help and open a box of orange juice.

Step 5: Pour in the juice into a blender cup. Add in the flesh of the aloe vera.

Step 6: Blend the mixture for a few seconds. The aloe vera juice is now ready to drink.

If you prefer to have it cold, feel free to put it inside he refrigerator. The juice is best consumed within 2 days. This is because we did not put in any artificial ingredients that can help the juice to last longer. After all the juice is so good that it will not even make its way to the fridge. Haha... ayat cam ape je!

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sedapnya .... isk isk berkhasiat lagi ...

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