Sunday, January 03, 2010

Zubina's Engagement 20091225

A lot of things happened in My Life from Christmas to New Year... in fact till today. Due to my laziness to update the events on the day itself, I am now having difficulties on deciding where to start. I've narrowed down to a few life (and death) changing events to blog about so that I can look back to the posts in the future. And by doing FIFO (First In First Out) approach, here is the post regarding my sister-in-law's engagement day.

Zubina is Wifey's immediate elder sister, and the only girl left in the family who is available before this. In another word, this will be the last engagement ceremony held in the house in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. It is sort of decided that Zubina and her fiance will not be having their wedding at this house, hence this event has evolved to be quite a huge and grand one.

I did not do much for the event. Initially I thought of snapping a few pictures of the ceremony, but being tall and handsomely dressed in full Baju Melayu made me appointed to be one of the "pengangkat dulang" or the "tray bearer".

During the "negotiation" ceremony, it has been decided that the wang hantaran would be RM8888.88 (the sis-in-law mixed with too many chinese friends, and since she hold her event on christmas, it must be christian chinese friends). Recently JAIS increased the "mas kahwin" value from RM80 to RM300 for those getting married in Selangor. The fiance's family is kind enough to top that up a few hundred bucks more. I am sure it is not RM444. I am not aware as of how many "trays" to be exchanged during the wedding ceremony.

The event ended with a bit of rain. The guests somehow did not make any sign of leaving. As I was very hungry, I purposely find an umbrella and open it up in front of the tent. Being humble malays, they know that is a sign for them to make a move :)

Next update on Zubina's life will be this coming April, Insya Allah.

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