Thursday, January 07, 2010

Update buku ASB

Arianna is still the best today. We sent her to class and she straight away knows what to do. So we left her and went to Maybank TTDI Jaya. This time of the year most bumiputeras with ASB savings will take the opportunity to update their ASB book.

As published the dividend and bonus for year 2009 are as below:

Dividend: 7.30 sen / unit
Bonus: 1.25 sen / unit

So IF Wifey and I have RM500k each in our ASB accounts, then at least we will have RM73 thousand of dividend. Boleh angkat Harrier recond sebijik tu!!! But unfortunately I only have RM500 in my ASB book. I just cant do the math for that amount.

After the visit to Maybank, we went to PNB for Wifey to submit application to withdraw EPF account 1 to Amanah Saham Didik. Ultimately the investmest from EPF Account 1 will be our retirement fund to survive. Cukup ke?

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Hambali ® said...

IF only.... hehehe. Shell tadak bagi pencen ka kat hang hehehe

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