Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Simple Baked Fish Recipe

After so long not blogging about cooking (i need to make sure my direct translation skill doesn't rust), I decided to enter the kitchen yesterday. This time I'm going to blog about cheap dish that we are always charged like crazy at restaurant.

This recipe's main ingredient is the fish. I use frozen fish from the supermarket. You may notice that they sell "Sutchi fillet" that comes in a pack of 2 or 3 pieces of frozen fish fillet. They cost around RM8.50 per pack.

Then the sideline ingredients are potatos, carrot, lemon and capers. The flavoring ingredients are garlic, spring onion , butter, parsley, salt, pepper and lastly basil from my lovely farm :).

While waiting for the fish to thaw, I boiled the potatos and carrot for a while. Chefs would refer this to "blanch the potatos and carrots". When the fish is ready, I rubbed some salt and pepper to the fish and lay them on a baking dish. Cut the potatos and carrot and lay them on the side of the dish. Spread the capers all over the fish, together with the parsley and spring onion. Then I blend some garlic with basil together with some butter. Abang Jamie taught me this... to make herb butter. Add the herb butter on top of the fish and lastly put sliced lemon on top of the fish.

I baked the fish at 220 degree Celcius for 20 minutes and put it under the grill for 5 minutes to get some burnt marks on the dish. This is the result....

I blanched 2 potatos and Wifey told me that it would be too much. Then I decided to make baked potato from that extra piece. Again the herb butter is mixed with chopped spring onion, some mayonnaise and crab sticks. Lastly some salt and pepper.... boleh tahan la rasa dia... haha


Hambali ® said...

menarik menarik ... aku pun lama tak guna oven kat rumah tu haa

resepi ayam golek tadak ka ... kasi peturun mai sikit

rumet said...

apa pulak tadak... ni dia:

Afidalina Tumian said...

OMG sedapnye. ko buat aku lapa!

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