Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review: Garlic Peeler

If you watch the AFC channel on Astro, then you wouldn't want to miss the Chef at Home. Chef Micheal Smith is not as naked as Jamie Oliver but I like his show because he has this small segments in the show educating people about cooking, food, groceries, kitchen tools and etc.

There is one time he put in garlics into a small gadget, rolled it on the kitchen table and the garlic came out peeled. How cool was that! No need to use any kind of sharp object to peel garlic.

Last week Wifey and I went to Giant Shah Alam to collect more stamps. We went to the kitchen section and saw this:

So this gadget does exist in Malaysia. It costs RM9.99 (half Giant stamp). We just had to buy it. It's not that all this while we are complaining on how difficult it is to peel garlic, but idea or having a gadget same as Chef Micheal Smith is using.... super cool!

As described in the package, the garlic peeler is made of soft and flexible silicone tube. It is easy to rinse and remove the peels. The advantage of the gadget is our hands will stay free of garlic smell.

The picture above illustrates on how to use the gadget. So far I only used it once and it does work perfectly. I complained to Wifey that I did not buy any gadget at all in year 2009... I guess I can't say the same again to her this year...

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p!nkerton said...

coolness ini!

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