Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Rest In Peace Opah 20091229

Tuesday night 29th of December 2009 (12th Muharam 1431 - or is it 13th since it is after Asar?) around 10:30pm I got a call from my sister that our maternal grandmother has passed away. She called me to pick her up so that we can go together to our aunt's house in Bandar Mahkota Cheras where Opah has been staying for the past few months. My parents rushed there at around 9pm as soon as they got a call that Opah has stopped breathing my my aunt.

Opah has been bedridden for the past few years as she has all sort of elderly illness including Parkinson disease, on and off diabetes and others. Last we saw her was on Raya Haji and during that time she has not spoken to us anymore. Her hands and legs are crippled and she can't barely consume proper meals. Her body was totally skin and bones, without the flesh and muscle.

My uncle said she is 79 this year as she was born in 1933. I guess we were all emotional that day that we got our maths all jumbled up that day. The best I could do is wait for the official Surat Pengesahan Kematian from the Jabatan Pendaftaran to confirm on all the details.

We all brought the late Opah back to kampung which is in Lintang, Sungai Siput, Perak. We all drove back in the middle of that Tuesday night itself and managed to bury her before noon. We tried to find a spot next to her late husband but the area was flooded with water. The 2nd best spot was next to her late sister's grave.

I must say that I am not too emotional about the lost that day. I would say it is her time to go and she deserves a better place in this universe other than helplessly lying down the bed all day and night. Few days after the funeral, my heart came to the sense that I lost someone that I used to be very close to during my childhood days. It got me thinking that I always wanted to live until I am 100 years old, but do I want spend my last few years in life the same way as my late grandma did? I am sure she lived a fuller life compared to me by the time she was 30. She has 10 kids to verify that.

Lastly thanks to all the well wishes from all. I am so grateful that we managed to arrange for a proper goodbye on such a short notice. All the 10 kids of hers managed to bring their family back to Kampung for the funeral and I would think that that would be the last time all of us will gather at that house again.....

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Hambali ® said...

Innalillah ... Insyaallah dia tenang di sana ... amin.

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