Thursday, January 21, 2010

Healthy Arianna

A few weeks back I went to Mydin with Arianna to buy some bread spread. Nowadays it is so complicated. Last time we had either butter or margarine. Now they have canola, olive, semi butter, half margarine and stuff. I wanted to get something salty because toast with salted spread taste so good! But Arianna chose this Canola Light.. Cholesterol Free... alamak :(

Yesterday morning I wanted to prepare toast with jam for Arianna before she goes to school. I asked her, "do you want white bread or wholemeal?". She answered "wholemeal". Since when my daughter is so health conscious ni??? Luckily she didn't ask for Breakthru bread... with low glycaemic index and load.

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Hambali ® said...

Patutnya bapak dia yang makan tu.

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