Thursday, January 07, 2010

Arianna's First Day @ Cambridge

Arianna will be 4 years old this March. Unlike during my time where we all go to kindergarten at the age of 5 or 6, kids nowadays are sent to school at an early age. As early as 3 years old. In my view the kids do not need "formal" education so soon but since nowadays both mother and father are working, we have no choice but to sent our kids to school to entertain them.

In Bukit Jelutong there are a few choices of kindergarten for Arianna. There are Bahtera Ilmu, C.E.C and Cambridge Kids. We've surveyed Bahtera Ilmu, Cambridge Kids and Genius Aulad (in Kelana Jaya). Finally we decided to register Arianna with Cambridge Kids because her parents never made it to Cambridge during their study years. I will need to check with Wifey on what is the total of the registration fee, inclusive books, uniform and et cetera. Obviously she paid for it.

So yesterday was Arianna's first day to school. The orientation is on Wednesday instead of Monday because Monday is when the 5 and 6 year olds go for their orientation. It is a 3 days orientation course and the parents are expected to be there. We may leave the kids but in case they could not adapt, it would be easy for the teachers to give the parents a S.O.S call.

Arianna was long prepared for school. She even asked to be sent to school last year. So we sent her yesterday morning at 8:45am and by 9:15am Wifey and I left her there and went for our breakfast. At 10:30am we went to the school again to check on her and she was doing good that we leave her again to survey for house gate.

At 11:30am we went to fetch her. School ends at 11:45am. It is the first day in school. I think I saw the teacher gave them puzzles to play, colouring book to colour and the teacher read a book to them. Same things that Wifey always do with Arianna. Basically we will be paying RM100 per week to Cambridge Kids to do the same thing that Wifey can do. Maybe I can persuade Wifey to quit her job to do this task.... and pay less than RM100??? :)

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Janine said...

damn cute arianna. you should put her in some child modeling stint.

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