Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Basil Farm

When we first moved to Bukit Jelutong we bought a few plants to furnish our garden and because I feel it is a waste to grow plants that serve no purpose like flowers, orchids and such, most of the plants are edible in our garden. Initially we had serai, pandan, kari, mint, basil, rosemary and kemangi. I even blogged a bit on how to plant in a pot and some posts are on Earth Hour. See here. There was one time where all the plants were attacked by some kind of insect.

Now the garden has evolved with lots of pandan, kaduk, kemangi, ulam raja, kari, kesum, pisang and basil. We still have a small plant of rosemary and pokok cili. We have yet to harvest any chili yet as the first 2 chillies were infected by some insect.

Speaking of basil, I think we have now not less than 7 plants of basil in our garden. If you ever go to groceries stores like Cold Storage, they would sell fresh basil at RM5 or RM8 per bunch of basil leaves. The bunch is from one stalk I think. For those wants to cook Jamie Oliver's or Nigella Lawson's recipes, then high chance that you will need to get those basil leaves. If I'm not mistaken we bought that basil plant for RM8. Now it has multiplied and we even gave one plant to our neighbor. Haha.

Last Saturday I decided to harvest the basil. Banyak sangat pon tak tahu nak buat apa. Not everyday that we eat Italian or Western food. I get about one basket of basil leaves.

And decided to put them in a ZipLock bag and freeze them. Nigella Lawson selalu pakai baju tidur die bukak freezer amik frozen basil untuk masak. Pasni boleh la aku tengok wifey buat pulak. hehe

Siapa mau beli? Aku jual murah je... sehelai daun sepuluh sen.


Hambali ® said...

aku rasa, kalo hang tengok bini hang bukak freezer amik daun basil pakai baju tidoq, musti jadi cerita lain punya. Basil ke mana apa ke mana ....

FleetingMoments said...

i also feel like having a garden with edible stuff...But what do i do with all my pokok bunga?

Julie said...

aku setuju dengan sme.. baru nak cakap.. hehehe

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