Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kiz Sports and Gym One Utama

Last weekend Wifey had to bring her sister to meet someone in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. While waiting for them to settle I brought the kids to Kiz Sports and Gym One Utama. Admission fee is RM9.99 for 2 year and below. Above 2 year old will be charged RM25. I think there's no time limit for the kids to be there and the parents' (or guardian) admission are free.

I brought my 350D along as I thought the IXUS would have captured blur shots with the kids actively playing. My mistake was not to bring the 420EX with me. But what can I expect, I have to handle 2 kids with the maid's help. I doubt I can manage another full fledged camera on top of that. So most of the pictures captured turn out blur as well....


gaurav said...

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Amber said...

Thanks for give information about sports and gym. This is use full of kids.Home Gyms excise also good for health .

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