Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maintaining Professionalism

18th of November 2009 will be the last day I can claim that I am a Certified Cisco Network Professional. It has been 3 years already huh! I scanned my blog and I found the entry of me passing my CCNA, but not my CCNP.

So how can I renew the cert without taking the whole course again? It is set by Cisco that I need to pass any one Professional paper (the one starts with 642-xxx) before the due date in order to maintain the cert.

The question now is, do I want to maintain having this cert? Do I want to have this cert in my resume and face the interviewer asking me how does BGP works, what is Spanning Tree portfast, VTP domain and all the technical details again?? Hmm... frankly speaking, no. But considering the people I have to feed at home... and if it takes for me to be able to know that /27 in IP subnetting means with 30 available IPs, exclusive of 1 network IP and 1 broadcast IP for me to be hired for a decent job... then I really have to take this exam.

So.. siapa ada latest Pass4Sure or siapa nak share beli?? Haha...

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