Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Wldan

It took me a while to update this. 5 days late to be exact. Last Saturday was Wildan's first birthday. Last year this time we were at the hospital accepting him to the world and I still remember about 5 days after that Wildan was admitted to the hospital for severe case of jaundice. He was under double photo treatment and the drip.

Alhamdulillah, he has grown well now. We are about to know his current weight next week as we are going to bring him to the hospital for his 1 year old jab. Last Saturday we had a small celebration at home with Opah, Tok and Mak Ngah. Too bad Pak Su is not around this time. Hopefully these pictures will entertain him this time.

First let's show off the presents. Opah and Tok bought him a tricycle. For the sake of not making Arianna jealous or sad, they bought a rubber horse as well so that both of them can share and play together. The bike is a bit too big for Wildan age at the moment. So the 3 year old Kakak can enjoy that for the time being.

Next, the birthday cake. Wildan is lucky to have a 2nd aunty that is born the same date as he is. The best part is Untie Lin is a baker! So this time, Ayah and Ibu do not need to spend on birthday cake. Wildan's cake is sponsored by Untie Lin. A fondant fruit cake with the shape of a racing car, with cupcakes on the side. Wifey likes both cakes especially the fruit cake. It is not easy to get Wifey to like fruit cake before. I would like to say thank you to Kak Lin for this, and happy birthday to you :). For those who are interested with her cakes, have a look at her website.

Arianna was a sporting sister that day. As usual she loves birthday party. But to her the one we had can't be considered as a Birthday Party because the walls are not decorated. Unlike the one we did for her birthday. Spoilt brat!

On Sunday we had another birthday celebration for Wildan. This time is with friends. We invited the usual crowd, thanks to Farul, Ayil, Ceng and Mueya... and families for being able to celebrate our son's birthday that day. Wifey and I had an idea to embark on new experience whenever it comes to any celebration. For Wifey's birthday we went dating in Melaka without the kids, for my birthday we are supposed to go and see the fireflies but I thought Wildan is still too small to be outside during Maghrib time plus its going to be a boat ride in the river. We had to postpone that. For Wildan, we decided to have a picnic at Bukit Jelutong. The field is a place for the community to fly kite, RC planes and helicopter and last Sunday I did notice people playing Remote Controlled cars.

It was not raining that evening, but it was on the sunny side. Luckily it was windy and we were able to fly the kite, except for our pilot friend who had a tough time flying the kite with his son.

Group photo was taken when it was nearly sunset. So the lighting is a bit low. Arianna and Aidan were the difficult one to handle. Hence their pictures are everywhere during this pose. This is the best I have that have everybody in the frame.

We had a good time celebrating Wildan's birthday :) Thanks to Wifey for preparing the food. She cooked Baked Macaroni, Samosa and Fruit Cocktail pudding. We friend some nuggets for the kids. Something that we learn when preparing food for a picnic is that to prepare something simple. Preferably food that do not require plates and bowls to consume. Well this a new experience for us. So what's next?

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