Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The government is giving you RM300 to go and break some sweat

Something that I just discovered earlier this year is that we are entitled for tax relief for our expenses for Sports and Exercise Equipment. The amount of rebate is up to RM300 per year. The exceptions would be, you cannot claim rebate for expenses on sports attire and sports shoes. But "tangible" sports item like shuttlecock and golf balls are allowed.

Potongan cukai sebanyak RM300 diberi atas pembelian peralatan sukan yang dilakukan oleh individu untuk aktiviti sukan mengikut jenis sukan yang disenaraikan dalam Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997. Peralatan sukan termasuk alat-alat yang mempunyai jangka hayat yang singkat seperti bola golf dan bulu tangkis tetapi tidak termasuk pakaian sukan, contoh: pakaian renang dan kasut sukan. Perenggan 46(1)(l)
So what is considered as "sports" by the government? You may refer to the Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997 here. For those who are so lazy to click the link or the office's internet connection blocks the access, the list is as below:

1. Memanah (Archery)
2. Olahraga (Athletics)
3. Sukan Air (Water Sports)
4. Sukan Bermotor (Motor Sports)
5. Badminton
6. Bola Keranjang (Basketball)
7. Biliard dan Snuker (Billiard and Snooker)
8. Bina Badan (Body building)
9. Boling (Bowling)
10. Tinju (Boxing)
11. Kriket (Cricket)
12. Lumba Basikal (Cycling)
13. Sukan Ekuestrian (Equestrian)
14. Lawan Pedang (Fencing)
15. Bola Sepak (Football / Soccer)
16. Golf
17. Gimnastik (Gymnastics)
18. Bola Baling (Handball)
19. Hoki (Hockey)
20. Judo
21. Karate Do
22. Boling Padang (Lawn bowl)
23. Bola Jaring (Netball)
24. Ragbi (Rugby)
25. Sepak Takraw
26. Menembak (Shooting)
27. Silat Olahraga
28. Tenis Ringan (Light Tennis ??)
29. Sofbol (Softball)
30. Skuasy
31. Pingpong
32. Tae kwan do
33. Tenis (Tennis)
34. Bola Tampar (Volleyball)
35. Luncur Air (Surfing)
36. Angkat Berat (Weight Lifting)
37. Gusti (Wresting)
38. Wushu
39. Kapal Layar (Sail boat)

I am planning to purchase a bicycle as that seems to be the "in" thing nowadays around my area. Wifey is saying this might be a "hot hot chicken shit" kind of purchase. Come to think of it, since when my purchases are not! But now since I found the list of approved sports, I am interested in item no. 7. For the usual "American Pool" guys, bila lagi weh??? Main snooker dah bertahun-tahun.. government nak sponsor ni! Now I wonder, can we claim rebate for the table rental bills?


Effa said...

kalo treadmill boleh ke? boleh consider under item no.2 ke?

A y i L said...

kalo sorg rm300.. biase kite main 1 snuk 1 table 4 org bermakna jumlah rebate yg bley claim = 4x rm300 = rm1200!!

meaning, every month bley spend rm1200/12 = rm100. every week plak rm100/4 = rm25! waaa just nice!

ape lagi wehhh bley la buat weekly event!!!! I luv u la malaysia!

soojc said...

sport shoes are excluded but would football boots fall under sports equipment? They are only used for a single purpose as there are studs and everything.


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