Thursday, October 15, 2009

Extra Cash with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)

Last week Wifey and I went to LHDN Kg. Attap to inquire about the letters that we received. Wifey got a J form requesting for a settlement of RM1.5K and I got a JA form asking for me to pay RM37. Now you know how much more Wifey is earning compared to me huh. These are all for our tax declaration for the year 2007.

During the visit, they opened up all the declaration files we did via E-Filing. In Wifey's case, they overlooked the Potongan Cukai Berkala (PCB) hence by providing them the proof, they are okay. From owing them RM1.5K, LHDN now owes Wifey twice the amount because LHDN never returned the access tax payment to her since year 2004. But a usual, nobody is going to give out cash without a fight. They detected that Wifey did not declare her tax in year 2004. Without that they have to hold back to the cash. Blerrgghhh! As simple as filing in a form, nothing much to declare in year 2004. We did not earn that much that time, no kids to support... simple lah. Hopefully in one month time everything will be settled for Wifey's case.

My RM37 case is such a waste of time. It is stated in the JA form that Jumlah Perlu Dibayar = RM37. Once the officer has opened the file, she told me that in year 2007 my access tax payment is RM 1K+ but they returned a portion of it in case there's some year 2007 income that I would receive in year 2008, such as bonus and et cetera. It's good that they have that sort of contingency plan but why la send out a letter asking me to pay? Just state in the letter that it will be deducted from my "interest free" "savings" with them la!

But it's a good thing that I went there. I did query about my access payment for year 2008. Come on la.... its already October and I haven't received my "rebate". I know RM1K+ is not much for some, but it is damn a lot for me! Unless I'm getting some sort of a dividend for it... please return the money back to me. I have thousands of ways to "invest" it elsewhere. The officer just clicked one button on her screen and informed me that it will be processed and hopefully disbursed within one month. I do have a feeling that they were taught to say that....


y@tipruzz said...

sama la case kite. Lepas pegi derang ckp within a month time dpt refund...skang dah berbulan2 tunggu cek tak kunjung tiba hampesss..bab mintak duit org laju giler!

Anonymous said...

betulla within a month.But for those yang dah clear all the debt with LHDN (yang lebih tepat Kerajaan). Utk buat refund, there were few steps.Kena tengok previous years punya tax.Kena tengok bukti2 yang you declare dalam pelepasan tu. Bil2 majalah, hospital & sebagainya.

Kalau you tak dapat refund within a month, you boleh call ofis. Atau lebih baik, you datang sendiri ofis mintak refund.

Bukan seorang dua Tax Payer yg dapat refund. Beribu2....

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