Friday, October 23, 2009

ce and se

I must admit that my English is very bad. I am sure for those who read this blog for quite sometime will totally agree with this. My stand is simple. As long as I can convey my message to the recipients and they understand, then it's good enough.

In my line of job, I always send out e-mails with lines like these:

"please kindly advice the status of the link/router"
"appreciate your advise on how to further investigate this issue"
"it is not our practice to provide router password to the customer"

The thing is I am not sure which is the right word to use. I kept on asking Wifey on how to use it and she will tell me ce = noun, se = verb. Then I will go, "so???". I don't even know what is a noun and what is a verb. I have the idea that the they have to do with "kata kerja" and "kata nama"(or is it "kata sifat"?), but still I don't know which is which.

I encountered this situation few times and today I decided to blog about it. And I quote from another website.

'Advice' is a noun: you can give someone a 'piece of advice'. For example, let me give you some advice about travelling in China.

'Advise' is a verb: He advised me to always keep my passport on me when I was in China. His advice was very useful.

Another example: She was asked to advise (verb) the government on immigration. Her advice (noun) was used to prepare the new programs.

Next time I need to write this kind of e-mail, I just have to lookup for this entry and still ask Wifey on how to use it!
Enjoy your weekend people!

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