Thursday, October 29, 2009


Budak ni bangun kul 4 pagi tadi sebab pampers dia bocor! Lepas tu die tanak tido balik dah. Oleh sebab itu, Ayah dia bangun lambat pagi ni.....

Withdraw Paypal to Malaysian Bank Accounts

Good news for Malaysian Paypal users. We may now withdraw our Paypal funds to bank accounts in Malaysia. Previously we may only do that to our "selected" debit cards, with some amount of charges. With this new features, if we withdraw more than RM400 the transaction fee will be zero. Less than that Paypal will charge us RM3, which is still cheaper compared to withdrawing via Debit Card - now fixed to RM20 per withdrawal regardless of any amount. There's a but to that. Even though the transaction fee is zero, Paypal may charge currency exchange conversion fee of 2.5% from USD to MYR. Hey... nothing is free lah!

You may want to know the SWIFT Code for the banks.


I take this as good news. The bad news is I don't have that much fund in Paypal to withdraw.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Budget 2010: RM50 per credit card

If I heard it right, the Prime Minister did mention about implying "service charge" of RM50 for each credit card owned starting from 1st January 2010. This is additional to the annual fee charged by the bank (if any).

What is the impact to me? As mentioned in this post, I have a few credit cards in my wallet. Some of them are not used unless I get discounts for using it with certain retailers. No point keeping them if I have to pay RM50 per card and only a few ringgit out of it.

I'll keep a watch on this issue in the next few weeks. I'm sure the banks will come up with a way to "waive" this...

ce and se

I must admit that my English is very bad. I am sure for those who read this blog for quite sometime will totally agree with this. My stand is simple. As long as I can convey my message to the recipients and they understand, then it's good enough.

In my line of job, I always send out e-mails with lines like these:

"please kindly advice the status of the link/router"
"appreciate your advise on how to further investigate this issue"
"it is not our practice to provide router password to the customer"

The thing is I am not sure which is the right word to use. I kept on asking Wifey on how to use it and she will tell me ce = noun, se = verb. Then I will go, "so???". I don't even know what is a noun and what is a verb. I have the idea that the they have to do with "kata kerja" and "kata nama"(or is it "kata sifat"?), but still I don't know which is which.

I encountered this situation few times and today I decided to blog about it. And I quote from another website.

'Advice' is a noun: you can give someone a 'piece of advice'. For example, let me give you some advice about travelling in China.

'Advise' is a verb: He advised me to always keep my passport on me when I was in China. His advice was very useful.

Another example: She was asked to advise (verb) the government on immigration. Her advice (noun) was used to prepare the new programs.

Next time I need to write this kind of e-mail, I just have to lookup for this entry and still ask Wifey on how to use it!
Enjoy your weekend people!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maintaining Professionalism

18th of November 2009 will be the last day I can claim that I am a Certified Cisco Network Professional. It has been 3 years already huh! I scanned my blog and I found the entry of me passing my CCNA, but not my CCNP.

So how can I renew the cert without taking the whole course again? It is set by Cisco that I need to pass any one Professional paper (the one starts with 642-xxx) before the due date in order to maintain the cert.

The question now is, do I want to maintain having this cert? Do I want to have this cert in my resume and face the interviewer asking me how does BGP works, what is Spanning Tree portfast, VTP domain and all the technical details again?? Hmm... frankly speaking, no. But considering the people I have to feed at home... and if it takes for me to be able to know that /27 in IP subnetting means with 30 available IPs, exclusive of 1 network IP and 1 broadcast IP for me to be hired for a decent job... then I really have to take this exam.

So.. siapa ada latest Pass4Sure or siapa nak share beli?? Haha...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The government is giving you RM300 to go and break some sweat

Something that I just discovered earlier this year is that we are entitled for tax relief for our expenses for Sports and Exercise Equipment. The amount of rebate is up to RM300 per year. The exceptions would be, you cannot claim rebate for expenses on sports attire and sports shoes. But "tangible" sports item like shuttlecock and golf balls are allowed.

Potongan cukai sebanyak RM300 diberi atas pembelian peralatan sukan yang dilakukan oleh individu untuk aktiviti sukan mengikut jenis sukan yang disenaraikan dalam Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997. Peralatan sukan termasuk alat-alat yang mempunyai jangka hayat yang singkat seperti bola golf dan bulu tangkis tetapi tidak termasuk pakaian sukan, contoh: pakaian renang dan kasut sukan. Perenggan 46(1)(l)
So what is considered as "sports" by the government? You may refer to the Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997 here. For those who are so lazy to click the link or the office's internet connection blocks the access, the list is as below:

1. Memanah (Archery)
2. Olahraga (Athletics)
3. Sukan Air (Water Sports)
4. Sukan Bermotor (Motor Sports)
5. Badminton
6. Bola Keranjang (Basketball)
7. Biliard dan Snuker (Billiard and Snooker)
8. Bina Badan (Body building)
9. Boling (Bowling)
10. Tinju (Boxing)
11. Kriket (Cricket)
12. Lumba Basikal (Cycling)
13. Sukan Ekuestrian (Equestrian)
14. Lawan Pedang (Fencing)
15. Bola Sepak (Football / Soccer)
16. Golf
17. Gimnastik (Gymnastics)
18. Bola Baling (Handball)
19. Hoki (Hockey)
20. Judo
21. Karate Do
22. Boling Padang (Lawn bowl)
23. Bola Jaring (Netball)
24. Ragbi (Rugby)
25. Sepak Takraw
26. Menembak (Shooting)
27. Silat Olahraga
28. Tenis Ringan (Light Tennis ??)
29. Sofbol (Softball)
30. Skuasy
31. Pingpong
32. Tae kwan do
33. Tenis (Tennis)
34. Bola Tampar (Volleyball)
35. Luncur Air (Surfing)
36. Angkat Berat (Weight Lifting)
37. Gusti (Wresting)
38. Wushu
39. Kapal Layar (Sail boat)

I am planning to purchase a bicycle as that seems to be the "in" thing nowadays around my area. Wifey is saying this might be a "hot hot chicken shit" kind of purchase. Come to think of it, since when my purchases are not! But now since I found the list of approved sports, I am interested in item no. 7. For the usual "American Pool" guys, bila lagi weh??? Main snooker dah bertahun-tahun.. government nak sponsor ni! Now I wonder, can we claim rebate for the table rental bills?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya 6

Yesterday Wifey and I completed our 6th day of fasting during the month of Syawal. It's the first year we manage to complete it since we got married. I felt like doing it because I realized some old folks in the family are now unable to perform their fasting anymore due to their health condition. If we don't do it now, we might not know if we are able to do it next year around.

In a way this is our reason for not attending to your open houses, kenduri aqiqah, Deepavali celebrations and et cetera. Another good reason would be my parents organized a majlis tahlil arwah at their place yesterday plus a doa selamat for them if they are selected to go for Haj this year. They are now in the waiting list for some additional quota the Saudis are giving throughout the world.

Today is the last of Syawal. Hence there won't be any open houses anymore this coming weekend. I'm sure some of us have finished their stock of raya cookies. For those who just can't have enough of the Mocha Royale and Almond Delight, you may still inquire Wifey about this. Haha... promote untuk raya haji pulak!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Extra Cash with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)

Last week Wifey and I went to LHDN Kg. Attap to inquire about the letters that we received. Wifey got a J form requesting for a settlement of RM1.5K and I got a JA form asking for me to pay RM37. Now you know how much more Wifey is earning compared to me huh. These are all for our tax declaration for the year 2007.

During the visit, they opened up all the declaration files we did via E-Filing. In Wifey's case, they overlooked the Potongan Cukai Berkala (PCB) hence by providing them the proof, they are okay. From owing them RM1.5K, LHDN now owes Wifey twice the amount because LHDN never returned the access tax payment to her since year 2004. But a usual, nobody is going to give out cash without a fight. They detected that Wifey did not declare her tax in year 2004. Without that they have to hold back to the cash. Blerrgghhh! As simple as filing in a form, nothing much to declare in year 2004. We did not earn that much that time, no kids to support... simple lah. Hopefully in one month time everything will be settled for Wifey's case.

My RM37 case is such a waste of time. It is stated in the JA form that Jumlah Perlu Dibayar = RM37. Once the officer has opened the file, she told me that in year 2007 my access tax payment is RM 1K+ but they returned a portion of it in case there's some year 2007 income that I would receive in year 2008, such as bonus and et cetera. It's good that they have that sort of contingency plan but why la send out a letter asking me to pay? Just state in the letter that it will be deducted from my "interest free" "savings" with them la!

But it's a good thing that I went there. I did query about my access payment for year 2008. Come on la.... its already October and I haven't received my "rebate". I know RM1K+ is not much for some, but it is damn a lot for me! Unless I'm getting some sort of a dividend for it... please return the money back to me. I have thousands of ways to "invest" it elsewhere. The officer just clicked one button on her screen and informed me that it will be processed and hopefully disbursed within one month. I do have a feeling that they were taught to say that....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Wldan

It took me a while to update this. 5 days late to be exact. Last Saturday was Wildan's first birthday. Last year this time we were at the hospital accepting him to the world and I still remember about 5 days after that Wildan was admitted to the hospital for severe case of jaundice. He was under double photo treatment and the drip.

Alhamdulillah, he has grown well now. We are about to know his current weight next week as we are going to bring him to the hospital for his 1 year old jab. Last Saturday we had a small celebration at home with Opah, Tok and Mak Ngah. Too bad Pak Su is not around this time. Hopefully these pictures will entertain him this time.

First let's show off the presents. Opah and Tok bought him a tricycle. For the sake of not making Arianna jealous or sad, they bought a rubber horse as well so that both of them can share and play together. The bike is a bit too big for Wildan age at the moment. So the 3 year old Kakak can enjoy that for the time being.

Next, the birthday cake. Wildan is lucky to have a 2nd aunty that is born the same date as he is. The best part is Untie Lin is a baker! So this time, Ayah and Ibu do not need to spend on birthday cake. Wildan's cake is sponsored by Untie Lin. A fondant fruit cake with the shape of a racing car, with cupcakes on the side. Wifey likes both cakes especially the fruit cake. It is not easy to get Wifey to like fruit cake before. I would like to say thank you to Kak Lin for this, and happy birthday to you :). For those who are interested with her cakes, have a look at her website.

Arianna was a sporting sister that day. As usual she loves birthday party. But to her the one we had can't be considered as a Birthday Party because the walls are not decorated. Unlike the one we did for her birthday. Spoilt brat!

On Sunday we had another birthday celebration for Wildan. This time is with friends. We invited the usual crowd, thanks to Farul, Ayil, Ceng and Mueya... and families for being able to celebrate our son's birthday that day. Wifey and I had an idea to embark on new experience whenever it comes to any celebration. For Wifey's birthday we went dating in Melaka without the kids, for my birthday we are supposed to go and see the fireflies but I thought Wildan is still too small to be outside during Maghrib time plus its going to be a boat ride in the river. We had to postpone that. For Wildan, we decided to have a picnic at Bukit Jelutong. The field is a place for the community to fly kite, RC planes and helicopter and last Sunday I did notice people playing Remote Controlled cars.

It was not raining that evening, but it was on the sunny side. Luckily it was windy and we were able to fly the kite, except for our pilot friend who had a tough time flying the kite with his son.

Group photo was taken when it was nearly sunset. So the lighting is a bit low. Arianna and Aidan were the difficult one to handle. Hence their pictures are everywhere during this pose. This is the best I have that have everybody in the frame.

We had a good time celebrating Wildan's birthday :) Thanks to Wifey for preparing the food. She cooked Baked Macaroni, Samosa and Fruit Cocktail pudding. We friend some nuggets for the kids. Something that we learn when preparing food for a picnic is that to prepare something simple. Preferably food that do not require plates and bowls to consume. Well this a new experience for us. So what's next?

Friday, October 02, 2009

It's Friday

Last Friday I turned 29 years old. Wifey and Arianna baked Banana Cake. Thanks dear :)

That night my parents took us to the Shogun Restaurant One Utama. There's a lot of food and I just couldn't take them all. It's the age...

Sorry that there're not many pictures in this post. Wifey was comot at home. Shogun dun allow us to take photos... Enjoy your weekend guys.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

10 10 1430H

Wildan was born on the 10th of October 2008, which coincidentally is 10 Syawal 1429H. Syawal is the 10th month in the Hijrah Calender. The beauty of him born in Selangor makes his IC number 081010-10-xxxx.

I'm supposed to update this post 2 days ago to commemorate Wildan turning 1 year old according to the moon calendar, but I was a bit busy and somehow today I can't upload photos to Blogger; forcing me to upload it via Flickr.

Anyway according to Pope Gregory XIII, Wildan will only turn 1 year old in another 9 days. Any plans to celebrate?

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