Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is the function of the shaver plug in hotels' bathrooms???

Have you ever thought of it before?

Wifey and the kids are sleeping now. Tired from short unplanned dip in the river at the Botanical Garden,Penang I guess. We plan to go to Jalan Padang Kota Lama to get some 'pasemboq' but it is raining now. There's nothing good on national tv other than the raya shows. The City Bayview Hotel, Penang rooms are only subscribing Astro news and sports channel...blerghh.

So he I am blogging from my HTC TYTN II using the unlimited 3G data plan from Celcom, staff package by the way. The topic is quite simple, but have you ever thought how does the shaver look like? The only motorized shaver I know is the battery operated type. Unless they are referring to the shaver / clipper that the barber is using. Why would a traveling guy bring that gadget around? There must be a type of shaver that utilizes this plug and essential enough that people could not live without it for a few days. Where can I get it?

Don't tell me these are the old type of shaver because I do see these plugs installed in the new hotels as well.

Bila la depa nak bangkit ni? Tokua rendang Chow Rhasta market duk tunggu nuu...

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