Friday, August 28, 2009

Steaming cake in plastic container

I'm sure you've seen or even bought one of those chocolate cake with the chocolate cream topping before. If you noticed they are always sold in the "microwave safe" plastic containers. The presentation of the cake always makes me wonder, do they steam the cake in the plastic container itself or they do the steaming in a different baking/steaming tin or corning ware and transfer them into the plastic container after that.

My answer is answered 2 days ago when Wifey decided to steam her all time famous chocolate cake in the plastic container. She went to Giant to scout for the plastic container and as I've expected most of them are marked with "Microwave Safe" (warning?). There's one brand that has "Safe for Steaming" label on it and it does costs compared to the Microwave Safe type. And yes the Steaming Safe type is also Microwave Safe.

Too bad Wifey brought the label to the office. I don't know the brand and can't take the picture of the "Safe for Steaming". The one printed on the container itself only mentioned Microwave Safe, I would guess that it's because not every household has a steamer at home.

Isn't it dangerous to cook something in plastic container? Well if you google it up, you will find the term Dioxion (dioxin carcinogens) - cancer causing agents that is released when heating up plastics. There are arguements about it... some say its cancerous and some say its not. My friend Mama would say there's a conspiracy thoery behind it and there's always money involved. If its proven dangerous and why the government is allowing for all these microwave safe plastic containers to be sold in the first place. It's a tough world to live in.. so the best advice would be, "Tepuk dada tanya la selera".

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Farra said...

aku tak berani lagi kukus food dlm plastik container....sume guna loyang lg la buat masa mmg ramai dah guna plastik ie for pudding, kek etc

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