Thursday, August 06, 2009

Raya 2009 Cookies for Sale

Happy to inform you that now you have 2 more options to consider on your raya cookies serving tray this year:

I have 2 cookies in the menu. Both are elegant, tasty and different from your normal raya cookies. They are 100% halal, home made and coated with rich chocolate.

Option 1: Mocha Royale ( 50 pieces )

This is for the coffee lover. Rich coffee and chocolaty taste. Covered with desiccated coconut. Crunchy on the outside, but soft in the middle. Simply lovely.

Price / Quantity:

RM 27 ----- 1 canister of 50 pieces
RM 52 ----- 2 canisters
RM 75 ----- 3 canisters
RM 25 / canister if purchase is more than 3 canisters

Option 2: Almond Delight ( 50 pieces )

Just the perfect combination of chocolate and almond. Coated with almond nips. Taste both kids and adults would enjoy. Definitely a must have!

Price / Quantity :

RM 36 ----- 1 canister of 50 pieces
RM 70 ----- 2 canisters
RM 35 / canister if purchase is more than 2 canisters


I have some sample available here in my office. You are most welcome to drop buy to have a taste but kindly notify me in advance okay?

Ordering method:

You may contact me or my Wifey via email or mobile to place your orders.

Rumet: 013-3415443

Wifey: 013-3403836

Payment Method:

You may pay in cash or via M2U. Will advise you accordingly.

Delivery Method:

Anywhere around Menara TM, Annexe and Cyberjaya.

Self collection is also welcomed.

All items will be delivered 2 weeks before raya. They can last long. Just place them in cool shaded area.

I have a limited stock of these cookies. So first come first serve orders is applied here.

So hurry, place your orders… they are selling like hot cakes!!! Ooppss cookies… :)

P/s : I have some readily available stock should you want to munch before puasa starts. Just buzz me for your sugar fix.

P/s : I don't make them.


+cheeps+ said...

Rumet, bagi la sample. Kalo best leh aku beli buat lunch time bulan pose. Ko buat delivery kat rumah k.

rumet said...

sample tade hal...

headsteadi said...

sedap ker?

rumet said...

nanti raya ko datang rumah aku... nanti ko comment :)

Anonymous said...

Wei... staff aku kate mahal... patut RM22 je.. bulan pose nih cuba la beramal sket

rumet said...

salam bro.. biasa la tu adat berniaga. harga lain-lain, kualiti pon lain. barang beli kat pasar ramadhan dengan barang kat giant dengan barang kat cold storage.. mesti lain nilai dia. terpulang kepada kita sebagai pembeli untuk buat pilihan.

staff ko jumpa yang sama utk rm22... alhamdulillah.. dia mesti pilih! :)

selamat beribadat bro..

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