Thursday, July 02, 2009

Some pictures from Melbourne

This time you can click the pictures to view it slightly bigger.

This is my sister and her only nephew. She is still single and available. But she will only go on speed dating :D

This is us taking the City Circle tram ride. The City Circle tram is free for public use. Convenient enough to get you around the city. Since it is free, it is always full. Don't bother waiting for the next one... it will be full as well. So apa lagi.. sumbat saja la!

My daughter behaved very well on the tram. Siap pernah dia tanya... "kenapa orang tu busuk aaa Ayah?" Imagine how stuffy it is in that free tram.

Melbourne is a city of art. I think Wifey can elaborate more on this grafiti.

Staple food for Arianna in Melborne. Cone with strawberry cream filling.

While waiting for the tram. Yang ni bayar punya.. so less people.

Family picture.....
Father and son....


Farra said...

tak pakai mask ke kat sana?

headsteadi said...

rumet! hang nampak kurus siot. apa rahsia kejelitaan hang?

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