Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday Wifey

I think this is the first year that I did not take leave on Wifey's birthday since we got married.
It is a special birthday celebration this year as we went honeymoon on Saturday 25th July 2008, 3 days before her birthday. Honeymoon because we left the kids at their grandmother's place.

It was a 1 night stay at Avillion Legacy Melaka. I think we've stayed at all Avillion chain (Port Dickson, Admiral Cove and Melaka) and this one in Melaka is the most so-so one. Since it's a honeymoon, I booked the Junior Suite room. It's priced at RM240++ with TM corporate rate. Normal price would be RM315++.

As you can see, the TM corporate is doing the checking in. The room is a bit gloomy and colonial style. Wifey loves the modern resort style room. Hence the mood for bedroom honeymoon is not there. It is spacious and I think the kids would enjoy it very much.

Since the mood for lovemaking is next to none, we head out for sightseeing in Melaka. First stop.. clocktower cendol. It is located at the center of the Melaka - World Heritage Site, where we spent most of our time at. Speaking of food, I forgot to mention that as we arrived Melaka at around 1pm, we had lunch at Lot 85 restaurant. Google it and you'll find lot's of info about this restaurant. A decent place for nasik campur.

So at around 4pm we had cendol. Nothing so great about the cendol. But since we are here as a tourist, we have to try all the "must eat" places in Melaka right? Another "must do" is to take picture by the trishaw, or beca in Malay.

From the cendol stall, we walked towards the Taming Sari Tower. Along the way we snapped a few pictures and as Wifey is complaining of itchy legs, we went for fish spa. It is priced at RM10 for 15 minutes. We never tried it in KL and don't know what to expect. Wifey is satisfied with the result, her legs are not itchy anymore and it lasted throughout the trip. She started to scratch again on our way back to KL.

This is the picture taken while queueing at the Taming Sari Tower. It is priced at RM10 per Malaysian. Non Malaysian will have to pay double the price. The view is superb from up there. But no honeymoon trip is perfect for us. During the trip in the tower capsule, we were stuck with some school kids who took it as a funfair ride. As the capsule starts to ascent, they will start screaming and we can hardly hear a thing that the operator is trying to explain.

It is 6pm by the time we ended our Taming Sari ride. We need to rush for the dinner spot and as we are hungry and exhausted, we took the trishaw ride back to the car park. The lady who cycled the trishaw charged us RM10 as the full one circle ride is RM20. Along the way we stop by at a place to buy some gula melaka and belacan melaka.

Dinner in Melaka has to be seafood. Usually it would be Umbai but since we don't want to waste time travelling during this honeymoon, we tried a new venue ... Muara Ikan Bakar Sg. Duyung. It is near the Jalan Padang Temu. Wifey ordered Siakap Bakar, Udang Sweet Sour, Sotong Goreng Tepung, Pepahat Goreng Cili and 4 pieces of Otak-Otak. All together with 2 packs of Nasi Lemak and 4 glasses of drinks, we paid RM62. Not bad huh?

As usual I would not disappoint the chef and always let the cats crying. And Wifey will always coclude her meal with a hot drink. So romantic kan? Dinner by the "muara" while enjoying the sunset.
After a full load of carbs and protein, we need to burn the energy and decided the Jonker Walk is the best place to do that. We are lucky to go there on a Saturday night as that is when the Pasar Malam is held.
After about 1 and half hours of walking, we head towards the boat ride jetty. Again it is charged at RM10 per person and the ride is about 4.3km. The Melaka Government has spent RM250million to clean up the river and it is told that they managed to turn the murky brown colour river to a green colour one. I doubt that they can make it to a clear colour but at least they've done something about it. They even spend RM900 per month for lizards and crocodiles food. They are now in the process of decorating the fixtures along the river. Good effort!

After the boat ride, we had a quick drink and head back to the hotel. We planned to watch a romantic movie titled 18 year old virgin, but a 29 year old couple that has gone through a long day like that just couldnt take it anymore. We slept soundly and woke up at 10am the next morning! Brushed our teeth and changed our clothes and rushed to the buffet breakfast and were told that we had 5 minutes to grab the food as they are closing the breakfast line at 10.30am.

We reached KL at 4pm and luckily the kids are not grumpy.

I had a good time with Wifey. It has been so long that we last spent time just the 2 of us alone. Wifey was thinking that this may be a good annual event. I totally agree. Thanks Wifey for being my companion for the past few years. I pray for more of years like this. Love you.... :)


Farra said...

happy birthday to QZ...best gaks honeymoon ber-2 gituuu

y@tipruzz said...

romantic gitew! Hepi besday QZ!

nurulqz said...

Farra : TQ .. n all the best to u... no 3 dah expert kot...

Yati : TQ!!! very the romantic.. cubelar... heh

A y i L said...

hmm menarik idea ni..

nurulqz said...

ayil : tak semenarik prague, barcelona, venice, paris .... waaa!!!! hehe... tapi melaka series bes... jom kiter jenjalan bawak budak 2 plak!

bas said...

qz and rumet,
boleh tak aku yg duduk melaka dulu ni pun x pernah jln kat jonker walk tu? and to turn the river's colour from yellow to green need 250 million?! wat have we done to our rivers! ceh, jadik environmentalist kejap..

nice review on melaka, rumet..

(yes, yes we know u have a lovely wife)


bas said...

lupa nak tanya, fish spa tu dia mkn kulit kaki ek? kat mana tu? geli tak?

nurulqz said...

Hey bas... shame on you tak jenjalan Melaka... Melaka best okay.. seriously we were impressed.

Fish spa tuh errr... kat 2 ngan jetty to the boat ride... for a first time experience.. rase best sgt!

btw..the gafarufa fish only eat the dead cells...at first geli sgt... rase cam kaki kebas kene semut 2 tuh... kan geli?

Julie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie said...

qz, the last time we went to melaka was last year kot.. but wif 2 kids tagged along, not much we could do.. semua grumpy.. i think i can leave them at Lunas and head to Langkawi for our honeymoon.. hehehe.. gud idea bebeh!

nurulqz said...

julie...kitorang pon ade langkawi trip coming up in Nov... kitorang tinggal kat lunas jugak bley? wahahaha....

Julie... meh kiter bg idea... kalau dah honeymoon kat langkawi tuh... sewa laa motor.... kan romantic like that??? Cam back to MMU days..yeehaa!

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