Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Docklands Grand Mecure Apartment

Here is where we stayed during our holiday in Melbourne. It is a 3 rooms apartment, furnished with "full spec" kitchen complete with stove, oven, microwave and dishwasher, 2 bathrooms + 1 toilet, washing machine + dryer, 1 tv with I dunno how many channels and it is very spacious.

It is priced at AUD340 per night for weekdays and AUD500 per weekend night.

Each room has a queen bed. They add in a playpen which served as Wildan's crib in our room. The room is a bit small but we do not spent much time there anyway.

The living area is together with the kitchen.

The view from the apartment is very nice. For AUD395K, you can own one of this apartments.

The place where Wifey took pictures the night we arrived.

The apartment from outside.

There are reviews saying that the heater does not work but we are lucky enough to get the unit with a working heater. Some say the service is not good. I wonder what knd of service they are talking about as we only met the apartment staff during check in and check out. The cleaner only clean the house once a week which we missed it.

I would highly recommend this place for anyone visiting Melbourne. The tram no. 86 stops at the Docklands station which is only 5 minutes walk from the apartment. The harbour is very clean as it is not a fishing harbour. Sundry shop is available at the ground floor of the apartment, lots of restaurants nearby.

The thing is when we stayed there, Docklands is not officially launched yet. Hence they might increase the price of the accomodation once the place is more popular. Wait no more... get your tickets now!


Farra said...

cantik bangattt sumenye..dr bilik sampai ke jalan raya :D kene letak dlm goal list long term gak ni

rumet said...

set target.. cukup sales 1 million.. pegi melbourne... amcam?

AyiL said...

apartment tu seriyes superb weh.. view pon tak hingat.. tanye bapak ko bile lagi die nak gi.. bley kitorg tumpang hehe

headsteadi said...

good info. will keep this for future trip.

syaz said...

docklands station eh..
The other day when we were in Melbourne, visited a friend of friend's house dekat St Kilda!
Beautiful too! Lebih kurang camnihh
Kalau share ramai2.. sumbat satu apmt camni.. not bad ahh the price

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