Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1 month of non shift work

I' be off shift for one month to perform a "special task" in the office. Let see how Wifey handles it as she has to sleep with me for one full month!

The picture? Yes.. on our next holiday trip, I think we just got ourselves a helper to manage Wildan. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

40 degree Celcius

I am sorry I haven't updated on the Melbourne trip pictures yet. The thing is Arianna was down with fever since Monday. It dragged for so long and there are times where her body temperature hits 40 degrees. She hates sponging, hence I occasionally throw her in the bath tub to cool her down. Her fever is high especially at night time, hence we have to shove in the medicine to her ass hole.

Yesterday was her fourth day and I took her to see the pediatrician. She went for blood test and her white blood count is low. Sign of viral fever. Luckily her platelet level is still normal. She went for another blood test today to monitor that. Because low platelet and low WBC is a strong sign of dengue fever. But Alhamdulillah, the result came out negative of dengue and WBC reading is improving.

I am happy for that. But the sad part is, it's not going to be easy anymore to take her to see the doctor. She is so traumatized especiall after having to go through 2 blood tests, one day after another.

Hopefully she'll recover from that soon. We have a full weekend coming. Wifey will be entering the Mengo Green Hunt competition on Saturday. Saunday evening is Arianna's cousin birthday party and Sunday morning Wifey and I will be watching Transformers 2. Yes I know Optimus Primus is going to die in that movie.......

Enjoy your weekend :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Selingan - Kaki tgk tv

Currently at the clinic for Arianna is having fever. Browsing through the pictures in the phone and found this. Indeed both of them kaki tengok tv...dibo la...wordworld...and not to forget wonderpets!

Docklands Grand Mecure Apartment

Here is where we stayed during our holiday in Melbourne. It is a 3 rooms apartment, furnished with "full spec" kitchen complete with stove, oven, microwave and dishwasher, 2 bathrooms + 1 toilet, washing machine + dryer, 1 tv with I dunno how many channels and it is very spacious.

It is priced at AUD340 per night for weekdays and AUD500 per weekend night.

Each room has a queen bed. They add in a playpen which served as Wildan's crib in our room. The room is a bit small but we do not spent much time there anyway.

The living area is together with the kitchen.

The view from the apartment is very nice. For AUD395K, you can own one of this apartments.

The place where Wifey took pictures the night we arrived.

The apartment from outside.

There are reviews saying that the heater does not work but we are lucky enough to get the unit with a working heater. Some say the service is not good. I wonder what knd of service they are talking about as we only met the apartment staff during check in and check out. The cleaner only clean the house once a week which we missed it.

I would highly recommend this place for anyone visiting Melbourne. The tram no. 86 stops at the Docklands station which is only 5 minutes walk from the apartment. The harbour is very clean as it is not a fishing harbour. Sundry shop is available at the ground floor of the apartment, lots of restaurants nearby.

The thing is when we stayed there, Docklands is not officially launched yet. Hence they might increase the price of the accomodation once the place is more popular. Wait no more... get your tickets now!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Melbourne Trip 22 - 27 May 2009

Now I have the feeling that mom is reading my blog. Especially this post. Hence she took the whole family for a trip to Melbourne from the 22nd to the 27th of May 2009. Yes I know it is a very delayed post but it's still year 2009 right??

There are a few hundreds pictures taken during the trip, mostly by my brother using the 350D. This time I'm just going to post the pictures taken using Wifey's IXUS camera.

On the 22nd afternoon we departed KLIA LCCT boarding Air Asia X flight. During this time the H1N1 virus is still a hot issue globally. In Malaysia we haven't heard of any case yet but there are a few in Australia especially Victoria. Its a 8 hours flight and Alhamdulillah Wildan behaved very well during the flight. The first flying experience in his life. How lucky huh? First flight dah pegi Melbourne!

How was AirAsiaX ? The seat is small for me. The reclining feature is so funny. Instead of the back of the seat recline backwards, the base of the seat slides forward. So you do get the reclining feeling at the expense of your back being slouched forward. So not good for my back. Hence I did not sleep much during the flight.

On the way to Melbourne, our plane has screen in front of each individual seats for in flight entertainment. It is chargeable at the price of RM30. Once paid, we can watch movies, tv series, cartoons and play games.

I wonder why on our way back to KL, the seats don't have the screens.

My parents did pay a lot for the flight. In total they paid around RM8k for the eight of us. Seven adults + 1 infant. Each of us got 1 meal and we purchased 4 comfort kits.

We reached Melbourne on time. 10.50pm our time but 12.50am Melbourne time. We had to wake up someone to give us the keys to our apartment. While waiting Wifey and the kids took some pictures around the harbour.

Eventhough the trip is fully sponsored, I had to swipe a few credit cards to get the winter wear for the kids. Plus Wifey conviniently left her sweater at home. There's another swipe in Melbourne to get her winter jacket. It's end of autumn when we got there. Betul ke ni? Lupa dah laa.... So its about 15 degrees celcius during the day and about 6 degrees at night.

We spent the whole trip around Melbourne City only. Initially we thought of going for the Great Ocean Road trip, but the weather is not that promising. I think 5 days to cover Melbourne City is just the right duration. We could have covered more places of interest if we could spend less time getting the kids to get ready. But I'm happy enough with what we've experienced there.

Eight people is a crowd for us to use the cab to get around, hence we took the tram. It is said that Melboune has the most comprehensive tram routes in the world. We save a lot since we moved quite a lot while we were there. Thanks to my sister with all her research before the trip.

But I have to tell you it is not easy to manage 1 kid and 1 baby with the tram. Imagine that we have to fold the stroller, carry Wildan, shopping bags and hold Arianna to get up to the tram. If only 4 of us were in the trip, we would have taken the cab for sure.

I have to admit that most of the time during the trip, my mind is more focused on getting the kids stuffs ready, washing their bottles, make sure they eat and sleep well. Some would say it's not the best way to enjoy a holiday. Then the best way would be to leave the kids behind and have the trip just for me and Wifey. If that is to happen, I'm sure my mind will be busy missing them and thinking how are they doing while we are gone. I am thinking too much!

So how would I remember Melbourne? 1) The nice weather. 2) The tram rides with the family. 3) The nice apartment 4) The first oversea trip for the 4 of us... plus another 4 :)

How I wish I have lots of money to have more of this kind of trips. Will be posting more pictures in the next post.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Only 6 posts in May??

Here is a picture taken in Melbourne "not quite recently" .. hopefully I'll get my blogging habit back soon....

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