Friday, May 08, 2009


I just came back from sending Wifey off to the office. She will be going to Lumut for a team building event organized by the company starting from today until Sunday. Again I'm going to be alone with the kids for the weekend.

It is quite frustrating though as I am now sort of the official driver to all these avid travelers. First it's my parents off to umrah. Then Wifey went to Pulau Redang for 1 week. Then my parents went to Miri recently and now Wifey is going to Lumut. Waaaaa.... bila aku nak pegi berjalan ni???

To add the pressure futhermore.. people like my father-in-law just came back from Korea. My brother-in-law is supposed to go for a 10 day drive to Chiang Mai... nasib baik ada riot!

My colleagues from work I dun want to mention lah!.... One go to India la.. one just came back from Gold Coast... and one of them at least are in Cameron Highland as I am typing this!

Hmm.... just not my time I guess...

To everbody.. have a good trip.. especially Wifey. Enjoy the team building.. we all will miss you so much... come back safely :)

Happy Weekend people... pegi la jalan-jalan .. aku duk rumah je!

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