Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sleepy and Grumpy

Last night after work I went to Cheras to fetch my mother in law back to my place. She will be accompanying my brother in law who will undergo a knee surgery today. So I reached home at 1am last night and left home for the hospital this morning at 7am. I rushed back home at 9.45am hoping to catch some sleep but both of the kids would not allow me to. I am sleepy and since I got my own notebook from the company, I am grumpy as well. Getting a notebook is not something luxury.. it just adds in more work and responsibility, while maintaining the same paycheque figure.

The doc has verified that there's nothing wrong with my numbness in my previous post, and she mentioned that I got it because I miss Wifey so much. So for your viewing pleasures, while I am missing Wifey at home... see whether she feels the same or not while she is in Lumut.

Hmm.. I know she misses me in the inside :). Glad you came back in one piece you sexy fox!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Coffee Break

Something happened yesterday that got me worried about my health status. At 3pm I felt numbness on my whole upper body. A few things could be the reason why. I am on Augmentin antibiotics for my cough and by taking that I keep on getting runny stool. I believe antibiotics are supposed to act on your whole body and not solely focusing on the cough, hence there must be something wrong with my bowel system that got me such a smooth stool texture everytime I visit the gents.

And you know how it feels like when you try to supress the feeling to "pass big water" and you'll get goosebumps and eventually body numbness. This is where I get to the 2nd possible reason why I got the numbness. I was playing Dota in the office and the intensity of the game might have got into me that caused my whole upper body to go numb.

Now as I was on my way to Menara TM to fetch Wifey from her team building weekend, I felt the numbness became stronger. That is not possible as I visited the toilet just before I left my office. As soon as I arrived at Menara TM, I visited the toilet once more. Thanks to Farul for accompanying me................... while waiting for Wifey to arrive lah (not to the toilet)! Sorry for not being able to stay longer for a drink as we were heading to the hospital after that.

As we reached Damansara Specialist Hospital to visit Wifey's brother, the numbness has only concentrated on the upper left side of my body. I am so damn worried that I went to the toilet again just to "throw small water". The last thing I want to happen to me is to get a stroke in the hospital.

After spending some time with Kim, we head back and fetch the kids from my parents place. The numbness starts to fade away and it was totally gone when I finally had Wifey next to me in the bed. Hugging her has to be the best cure for all sickness.

Keep the ass-kissing aside, I am now disturbed with this condition of mine. On my way to the office this morning, I've decided to have a break from caffeine. I am addicted to the Nescafe machine installed at my office and I think I need to have a break from coffee for a while just to see how my body will react to it. Coffee has been "toilet inducer" for me, cure for morning sneeze and the obvious .. to keep me awake during my late night shift. I guess my body has reached the threshold of caffeine intake and gave me an early warning. As much as I want to be taken in by Maya Karin that coffee has lots of antioxidants, for the moment I just have to survive on other sources of it. 

Let's see how it goes from here. I can't believe that you guys reached this part of the post..indeed the post is about my visit to the toilet.. which I have to go for one now!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Playing with the new toy

Arianna the Magician

Arianna found a tresure chest full of gold

Friday, May 08, 2009


I just came back from sending Wifey off to the office. She will be going to Lumut for a team building event organized by the company starting from today until Sunday. Again I'm going to be alone with the kids for the weekend.

It is quite frustrating though as I am now sort of the official driver to all these avid travelers. First it's my parents off to umrah. Then Wifey went to Pulau Redang for 1 week. Then my parents went to Miri recently and now Wifey is going to Lumut. Waaaaa.... bila aku nak pegi berjalan ni???

To add the pressure futhermore.. people like my father-in-law just came back from Korea. My brother-in-law is supposed to go for a 10 day drive to Chiang Mai... nasib baik ada riot!

My colleagues from work I dun want to mention lah!.... One go to India la.. one just came back from Gold Coast... and one of them at least are in Cameron Highland as I am typing this!

Hmm.... just not my time I guess...

To everbody.. have a good trip.. especially Wifey. Enjoy the team building.. we all will miss you so much... come back safely :)

Happy Weekend people... pegi la jalan-jalan .. aku duk rumah je!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Maharaja is here...

After years of complaining on back pain, Wifey finally bought us a King Size Doctor Approved mattress together with the spring type divan.

Just can't wait to "sleep" in the new bed tonight. Too bad Wifey is going off to Lumut tomorrow.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Tok's 62nd Birthday Lunch

Last Saturday we went to Delicious Bangsar Village II to celebrate my dad's 62nd birthday. Nothing much to write about this event... just enjoy he pictures of the kids lah!

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