Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sleeping Arrangement

As the family grows bigger, the current queen bed we are sleeping is not big enough to cater for the whole family. Since we are trying to train Arianna to sleep in her own room, the current setup is.. Wifey sleeps with Arianna in Arianna's room in the super single bed and Wildan and I sleep in the master bedroom's queen bed.

Previously in Ara, the arrangement was me sleeping on the floor while the other three sleep in the queen bed. Now as the house is bigger, it doesn't make sense for me to sleep on the floor anymore right? Plus my back couldn't survive the coldness and hardness.

I am not sure what is the normal practice here. Is it supposed to be the way that the parents do not sleep together anymore after they got kids? At the moment we are considering to upgrade to a King size bed. We will put Arianna to sleep in her own bed and if she does wake up in the middle of the night and squeeze in our bed, at least it won't be too crowded in there. That would be the ideal solution lah. Hopefully when we have the king bed, Wifey don't have to sleep with Arianna all night long anymore. If not.. Wildan and I will truly be the Kings in the house lah! Hehe....

King size Divan Bed costs around RM2.5K... the reasonable matress would be around RM3-5k ?
Haha... time to update the bloody resume lah!

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