Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I always wanted to rotisserie something in my oven. So last Monday I did that. The perfect recipe for this would be the Lemon and Rosemary Grill Chicken. Why? Because I have fresh rosemary leaves.. haha.

Basically my ingredients are:

- 1 whole chicken
- 5 cloves of garlic
- rosemary leaves
- salt
- 1 lemon
- olive oil

The lemon is boiled until the skin is soft, then poked with a fork and stuffed inside the chicken. The remaining ingredients are mashed together and rubbed to the chicken's exteriors.

It is then put in the oven to grill for 1 hour. A drip pan is put below the chicken to collect the excess fat dripped from the chicken. That can be used to make baby food... gile lah!

After 1 hour or so... out comes the rotisserie grilled chicken. Lingkup la Kenny Rogers lepas ni! hahahah....

I also made French Onion Soup the day before that. But I'll have to make it again before I can blog about it :)


esahlicious said...

weh.. ko skang masak je ke keje?
sng nyer qz dah takyah masak!!
u r definately a good househusband!
pls ajar ayillll.. plsssssssssssssssssssss

nurulqz said...

my worries has become true.. with his postings.. nampak cam aku tak masak kan?

bilelaa my cooking nak dpt credit in his blog..

rumet said...

see esah what you have done!

qz ni banyak secret recipe dia... ade full compilation recipes... sorted into categories... keepers, must try, etc etc...

if i blog about it... mana tahu kot dia ade her own plans nak publish own blog ke... e-book ke...

balik cepat weyy... qz punya udang masak dried chili and cashew nut mmg terangkat!!

esahlicious said...

confirm balik ari2 kiteorg dinner umah ko.. tak pun selang ngan umah parents ayil n parents aku..
n make sure ader bilik gak tuk kiteorg kehhhhh.. super king size bed aiteee.. kiteorg nih tak berumah ihhiihhihi

i cant wait!

qz.. share aa recipe ko ngan aku.. aku dah tatau nak masak ape dah kat sini.. confirm ayil akan suke udang masak dried chili! yummmss

syaz said...

rumet.. wow you cook! perghh..
aku asik tompang makan rumah parents jek.. hehe :P
my son just wouldn't let me.. asik nak kacau jek kat dapur.. susah tul!

rumet said...

hahahah...awal2 masa dengan arianna pon kiterang asyik tapau lauk from my parents place.. now qz dah bersemangat masak.. aku tumpang menyibuk je

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