Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pulau Redang Trip

Wifey will be away from 15th to the 19th of April 2009. She's flying to Kuala Terengganu and will be taking a boat to Pulau Redang for business trip with MAMPU. Aaahhh.. those GITN days...hehe.

As my parents are away for Umrah until the 21st April, these two kids will be solely under my care! Sounds impossible huh? I would be putting up at the mother in-law's house for the next 4 nights. I am taking the Friday day off.. and the coming Monday and Tuesday as well.

I wish Wifey a safe and pleasant trip.. Enjoy the chandat sotong session my dear :) We'll be waiting for you at the airport on Sunday night :) Make sure bawak balik nasik dagang!

p/s: I might not blog while I am in Cheras. I'll try my best to schedule a few posts before I leave Bukit Jelutong

1 comment:

p!nkerton said...

(i work @ mampu too)
tp tak penah lak dpt gi trip cenggini.. tskk tskk!
mesti sbb tak directly deal dgn gitn kan ;p jeles nih hehe..

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